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Chiefs 2018 AFC Championship Game Chiefs vs. Patriots

Wow, I'm heartbroken as I imagine all of you are. Let me tell you, as an East coast guy, there are at least 2 Pats fans in my office, and I went to college in Boston so have some friends back there as well. This hurts.

Ford's penalty is inexcusable. But can't blame the ref. He was waiting for Dee to look in and adjust. You can see he has his hand on the flag the whole time because he is keyed in on the infraction. How about a warning though? I can't say if Dee was doing this all game, but he should have got a warning in that situation. Or just fucking huddle up and lie about their being no flag on the play since it didn't affect anything anyways. Recognize that the LT was also misaligned and instead of calling it offsetting, just send the damn Chiefs to the Super Bowl.

but as you can see the flag was out before the pass, before the INT, and it was ready to be thrown before the snap.

Sadly, I'm not sure that Bill with 3 timeouts and Brady with :40 left wouldn't have won it in regulation.

Anyone else think Reid is so arrogant that after adjusting the D vs the Colts with the young guys...he wanted to give Bob a chance to shine in the AFC Championship? Like, they both get to the Super Bowl saying fuck the doubters. I just don't get how we could look so vastly different.

Also, next time you take the damn kickoff. Don't give them the ball!

(01-22-2019, 08:47 AM)asskickingboots Wrote:  
(01-22-2019, 08:28 AM)Razorchief Wrote:  
(01-21-2019, 07:02 PM)HG Wrote:  Anybody happen to listen to the coach today?  The man is not happy.  First  he wasn't thrilled with the press , most noticeably the ESPN dude who normally hangs out around Philly.  But I have never seen him discuss penalties.  He always says well  its part of the game.  But when he says.  "That call on Dee Ford would be called in a preseason game.  but not a Championship game. "  Seems they have other cameras that we nor the networks see.  And they showed  Ford was maybe a quarter Inch lined up.  Now the flag came out late, but here is the interesting part.  It seems the official that tossed the flag had his hand on the flag before the snap ever happened.  Of course he waited till after the INT to throw it.  Oh and that  Roughing the passer called  He says he didn't agree with it but couldn't help wonder why twice it was called when Patrick was hit.   OH yeah and the catch that wasnt a catch that was still ruled a catch.  

I had head phones on while at the game and  our radio guys where just going ballistic.   This has been going on with the Pats ever since the arm going forward call.    We still made mistakes.  BUt damn.

Romo seemed to think the call on that play (the off sides) was against the Patriots, at least that was the impression I got.

Like I said, I felt they easily could have called illegal formation on the LT for lining up so deep. Probably what Romo saw.

That's because the LT was lined up far back, that it should have been illegal formation.  Under the assumption that combining with Dee's offsides penalty, it would be offsetting penalties, and the down would have been replayed.

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