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2019 Offseason Thread - Other NFL teams
Cue Jack Nicholson...
(02-16-2019, 01:28 PM)tyecopeland Wrote: I feel like it needs to be mentioned here somewhere. The NFL avoided potential disasters in discoveries and open court documents showing the inner workings of the NFL and settled for likely high double figures with kap and reid. Estimates are between 60 and 80 mil. I'd assume attorneys are going to get a big chunk of that so I'll put the players take out of it at 50 mil. That's probably about what kap could have earned if he hadn't started kneeling. I know he was benched but someone who have taken him if it wasn't for the anthem thing. I mean sam Bradford got paid a lot.

I don't think this says a lot about Kaepernick character because I do believe he could have came back for a low salary and a backup job but he didnt ever seem interested in that. He could go play for the aaf but claimed he would want 20 mil when everyone gets 250,000. So while I didnt think it was about the money at first, I think he took the money and ran now. Same with reid who complained about Jenkins and the protest group taking the owners money and running. Seems hes at least a little hypocritical now.

I would have enjoyed seeing the NFL sweat through this publicly even though I have zero sympathy toward kap. I feel like if reid and kap really truly cared about the system they would have continued instead of settling. But good for them getting paid. They did deserve to be paid as nfl players.

It says a LOT about Kaep.  

I've said since day 1 of this that Kaep doesn't WANT to play football because he figured out he can make more money exploiting american's racial problems for profit.  Which has moved beyond a cottage industry and is now a major market.  There are thousands of people making tons of money contributing nothing but racial division as a product thanks to social media.  

All this case, along with the AAF stuff, has done is allowed me to walk away with another 'I told you so." 

I'd say I get tired of being right, but I don't.

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