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NFL 2018 Playoffs: Divisional Round (everybody else)

Theres no thread for the saints rams game. Thought the saints had a chance to bury the rams but took 2 fgs at the start then gave up the fake punt and then really hurt themselves by allowing a td on the 2 minute drive. Interesting use of Gurley so far, he must really be hurt more than they have let on. Neither offense has looked very good but the last rams drive seemed to suggest they were getting it together.

Saints got screwed by the refs.

Ugh. Chiefs better win after that rams win.

Has anyone checked to make sure nola is still alive?

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(01-20-2019, 11:06 PM)Chi-town_Chief Wrote:  Has anyone checked to make sure nola is still alive?

I think he said he has a hot date with a bath and a toaster.

In all seriousness NOLA, sleep this one off like a bad hangover, man.

Yeah, it's a double whammy for NOLA.

I hope he's all right.


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