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Chiefs GAME 14: Chiefs vs Chargers
The AFC West and playoff seeding is on the line.

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
All we gotta do is win.
[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
Biggest game of the season.

I fully expected the Chargers to have started their annual late season face-plant by now.

I've been listening to talking heads chirp that the Chargers are better than KC for weeks and weeks now, and I'll puke of they lose the game.
I'm starting to actively hate the Chargers.

This is good. Fuck those guys.
[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
Also, seems that Eric Berry is all but certain to start on Thursday.

For KC to be a real contender I think he's going to have to make an impact now and in the playoffs similar to what Bob Sanders did when the Colts defense carried Peyton Manning to his first superbowl win.

Not that this offense needs to be carried.  I just think KC will have to beat NE and either the Rams or Saints.. and they'll need all the defense they can get.
Eric Berry WILL PLAY in this game. Hype video confirms it.
[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
And the Chiefs are going to be in all-Reds for this game.
[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
Watkins is OUT.

Erving and Ware DOUBTFUL (I guess we get to see West back on the field again)

Hill and Berry QUESTIONABLE ( we will see them both)

Fuller, Mahomes, and Hitchens are on the report but are going to play.
[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
Is Benjamin going to be active?
(12-12-2018, 02:26 PM)ChiefsChick23 Wrote: Eric Berry WILL PLAY in this game.  Hype video confirms it.

Fuck yeah.

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