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Colin Cowherd predictions

He has been doing a division or two a day and today was AFC West. He picked Chargers to win with record of 11-5 and Chiefs second with record of 9-7. Broncos and Raiders maybe breaking even. Although he did label Raiders "a train wreck" for this season. 
Main reason for Chiefs being second is Mahommes uncertainty and lack of pass rush. He sounded positive about most aspects of team. 
He pretty much gushed over Chargers--Rivers, pass rush, etc.

Yeah, I'll worry about the Chargers if their training room doesn't look like Jonestown by week 5.

KC will win 12 games this year.

Another year, another pundit picks the Chargers to win the division.

Well, I guess they must figure that eventually they could be right some day, right?

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