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NFL Other teams Stadiums

The wife and I took a road trip a couple weeks ago.  2624 miles in four and a half days.  Did the South Dakota, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Sturgis  thing.  Then drove all the way across  North Dakota.  The highlight of that state was that there are four Menards along I 94.  Saw a high school  friend in Minnesota and the drove to Green Bay.   The Packers stadium is beautiful.  We went to the pro shop which dwarfs the one at Arrowhead.   I mean just wow.  Then we went into the Packers Hall of Fame.  This thing was enormous ans quite entertaining.  SO much to do and see, it beat the hell out of the NFL Hall of Fame.  You step on a rug in Vince's office and the old phone starts ringing.  Then the old intercom comes on and you are getting a recorded voice message from Vince welcoming you to the Packers .  So much to see and do.  And yes, the Chiefs were mentioned a time or two.

Then we went on the tour.  Since it was the 4th of July, I of course was dressed in my Chiefs/American flag shirt and my game day hat.  Was so impressed with everything going on.  Several different tours and all leaving about 30 minutes apart.  In our group we had 29 people.  18 to 19 of them were from Kansas City.  Tour guide took one look at me and said, "Oh you and I are gonna have some fun."  

We went to the highest point in the stadium.  Took pictures yada yada, and did the suites and all different levels and then it happened.  We ended up in the tunnel.  Right next to the Packers locker room.  As we started our way to the field all of a sudden the tunnel was filled with crowd noise cheering and going wild just like if the Packers were going o the field.  It was a nice touch.  And then there we were.

Lambeau Field.  It gave me chills.  The history, the games, the players.  I was touching the wall were the Lambeau leap happens.  I imagined the pass Trent green threw to get us into position to win the game.  ( That was the last game my mother and I were giving each other crap back and forth on the phone since she was a lifetime Packer fan.  She slipped into a coma a few days later and the I lost her)  SO being there was not only in giving respect to the Packers and the history of the league.  It was also for mom.  Now I am a Chiefs fan nothing will change that.  Ive seen other stadiums and really was never impressed with them.  This was different.  If you are a football  fan.  Not just a Chiefs fan, but a true fan of the game.  This is a bucket list must see.

Anyone visit any other stadiums or have any thoughts on them?  I mean besides Oakland looking like a prison

[Image: HG.gif]

about 40 years ago I saw Cowboys/Giants in old Texas Stadium. Decent place to watch a game but thinking back I recall crowd seeming subdued. Even though Cowboys won, and a division game at that. And parking was a royal bitch. Saw Orange Bowl in Old Orange Bowl but that was college game. But still a cool old stadium although in dump part of town.

I went to the old Mile High Stadium back in '98 for a Broncos/Raiders game with some high school buddies.  I rooted for the meteorite (even though I was there).  It was a fun experience.  Dumb crowd, inasmuch as the "incomplete" chant thing is just stupid.  I think they tore it down the next year.  Never been to the new one though.

Went to the old Cowboys stadium with DC.  That was a fun time.   They tore it down the next year.  Pretty sure that wasn't because of me though.  Cowboys fans are as advertised, but that's okay, because there was beer in all those ads.  And those fans.  And me.

Been to Atlanta twice, both at the old stadium there for Saints games.  They tore that one down immediately after the last time I was there, too, but I also think that was unrelated to me.  Anyway, I've always had a good time with Atlanta fans.  They don't take it too seriously.

Been to Tampa.  Had really great tickets there.  Sat three rows behind the endzone next to what I thought was the visiting team's tunnel.  Was actually the cheerleaders' tunnel.  So that worked out.  Jimmy Graham broke Coach's leg that day and we were all too drunk to notice.  It did explain why play-calling went to shit in the second half, though.  Gorgeous stadium, good weather.  Nice fans.  There's a cannon from a fake ship that fires shots every time they score.  Also, they have corn dog bites there, which are dope as hell.  Would recommend the Tampa trip.  Pretty sure they haven't torn that one down yet.  Go to Busch Gardens while you're there.  

Obviously been to the Superdome a lot.  Got to see a lot of cool games during the Drew Brees era, so I have great stories there, but honestly, my favorite Superdome memories are from the Aaron Brooks/Jim Haslett days when the team was shit, but it was like four dollars for a double and you could smoke in your seats, which meant that old dudes would just pass around shitty joints in the men's room.  It was only 15 years ago, but it feels like 100 now.  Don't get me wrong, that place was disgusting in those days, but a four dollar double and a cigarette in my air-conditioned seat felt like a lot to 21-year-old me.

I've been to thethe Trans World Dome in STL as it was known when I first went. It is the same shit hole it was when I first went which was like 98 (I was about 10 so I was excited to be at an nfl stadium, my first, so I don't really remember it too negatively but all reports are that they didn't do shit to it soso I'm sticking with the shithole). 

Obviously arrowhead.

The other other stadium I've ever been to was closed when I was there but I went around and through everything I could to try toto get into soldier field in chicago. It was cool and breezy and seemed to be a lot more open than even arrowhead. But all I got to see was concrete basically (I think I got to a place where I could see part of the field at one point)

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