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Olympics 2018
Wow, so not a lot of Olympic fans around here, or we probably would have had a thread already.  Anyway, I vastly prefer the winter games to the summer, in part because I grew up in Colorado with skiing (I was good!) and snowboarding (I was less good + concussions!) and hockey (I can't fucking skate to save my life!) and other fun winter stuff, and in part because I think even people doing track and field think track and field is fucking boring.  Anyway, this year I got really into curling.  Fun to watch, I see the appeal, and I can picture myself playing it... with beer.  So it was fun following the US Men's team this olympics who were 2-4 in round robin play before winning six (or seven?) straight to win the gold.  5/5, would recommend.
Oh, the short track speed skating is also dope.
I've watched some. I'm not a big fan of the x games stuff and the skiing races get repetitive for me. I haven't actually watched any of the curling this year but I've watched it with interest before. The speed skating has been my favorite but it's because it's so similar to sprints of the summer games that I enjoy. 

I used to really like watching figure skating actually (my mom is to thank for that) but I can only watch a couple before thinking I'm just seeing the same thing over and over now.
I was up most of the night watching the USA win the Mens Curling.  I also am a Skeleton fan
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Yeah but is tyreek going to be there? And what position is he playing ?
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The Winter Olympics are the baby Olympics. Any worldwide competition that has Norway in the lead is clearly illegitimate. I mostly disparage them because the US isn't as dominant as they are in the summer games.

That being said, I have watched some and this actually has been a good showing for the US, despite some failures from some high profile Olympians. The individual performance the impressed me the most was the 17 year old snowboarder that won the first gold medal. His run was fucking awesome!
I don't mind the Winter Olympics, but I'd prefer the Summer as it's more tailored to my interests.  My wife likes the Winter more so due to figure skating.

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