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Bad day-
I wrote this on Facebook.  But felt the need to copy it here.  Hope I did it right.  Very tired

Okay my friends. The story is already starting to leak so allow me to tell the entire story before some false information or some exaggerated info comes out. Rosie is in the hospital.

Yesterday after noon at her work Rosie collapsed and passed out. A coworker helped catcher so she wouldn’t hit her head. She was standing straight up talking for about 20 minutes. When she fell, she fell in such a way that her legs kinda tried to do the splits but her feet didn’t. So with the pressure of her collapsing both her ankles became disjointed. This put pressure on her lower leg bones. The right leg both bones broke at the ankle. The left leg did the same thing except only the outside bone broke when it became dislocated. This however cause the skin and tissue on the inside part of the foot to tear and expose the bones. 

The Drs. decided that they need to do surgery on the left leg asap. So she had surgery on it last night. They are looking to do the other leg Friday. So basically Rosie will not be able to walk for 7 to 8 weeks because she can’t put any pressure either leg. She is going to have a rough road ahead for a while but I have faith in her. 

I normally don’t feel the need to ask for prayer support because I feel that my own do the job. However, I think I need some help this time. She is in pretty bad shape. But thank the Lord it wasn’t something more serious. She has her phone but I turned the ringer off. I will turn it back on later today. She is in the Overland Park Regional Medical Center I-435 and Quivera. Room 2006. 

Gotta take care of my Rosie.

Thanks for your attention Prayers please for Rosie
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So sorry to hear this is happening. You guys are in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry this happened and I am glad that she is in good hands. I will have you guys in my prayers!  Sending all the positive energy to Rosie!
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Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!
That’s rough HG. Thinking of you guys and pulling for Rosie.

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I'm so sorry man.  That's just awful... I wish you guys both the best in her recovery.  Glad she had such good coworkers right there with her.
I said in on FB but I'll say it here.

Give our love to Rosie.  Wishing for a speedy and full recovery.
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Sorry that Rosie is going through that, HG.  Hope she gets well soon.
Recovery won't be easy, I know because my sister broke and rebroke her ankle during recovery from something very similar last year, passing out at work.

I wish you the best and I love you guys.
That's really tough situation. I'm sure however that you will have the support you need to support her in this time of recovery. Good luck and best wishes.
Sorry to hear this HG. Will keep both you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

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