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WEEK 16 Dolphins @ Chiefs
Wow.  Boo'd for speaking the truth what happened.  I think you two are a bit old to be Millineal Liberals
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(12-22-2017, 04:24 AM)HG Wrote: COme to think of it.  We lost to Miami the lasrt two times they came here.  Plus remember the Christmas game of 1970

No I don't remember. That was 15years before I was born.
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If it makes you feel better, HG, I was alive for that game.

I was a toddler, but still... alive.
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I was alive too. It was my first Christmas.

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I see KC got a little snow today.  Now we're talking about football weather!
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I’m already concerned, the Chiefs have went back to the white pants.  All red man, all red.
Not a good sign that Cutler is so accurate today.  the Chiefs have a defense tactic of letting the receiver catch the ball, then tackle.  They leave WRs wide open, then make a play.  Very frustrating to watch.
Even though I've got the flu, this has been a solid Christmas Eve so far. KC wins, clinches division. I'm leading my fantasy game for the championship. About to watch my nieces open their presents in a bit. Not too bad.
Not sure if the defense improved or if Cutler just gave up, but they did turn it on for the second half.   Great win and I did gain new admiration for Alex today.  He looked good.  His pass to Tyreek was a strike and he should have had that TD to Wilson if he wouldn’t have dropped it.  Then, getting out of the sack, twice, Alex scrambling for a first down was awesome.  Hope we get this Alex Smith in the playoffs.

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