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Chiefs WEEK 14 Raiders at Chiefs
(12-11-2017, 12:37 PM)mabbott Wrote:
(12-10-2017, 10:29 PM)The_Jonas Wrote: Had a great time.

I'm not sure I'd ever want to hold season tickets and commit to going every home game, but I really would like to start doing that once every season.  

I pretty much always pick the late Raider game.

One thing that stood out to me... dude... Nobody can even come close to running with Hill.  You'd think I wouldn't be surprised by how quickly he runs past everyone, but I was.  Every time he runs a go route he smokes the D.  There were several plays where that throw could have been made.  

Also, Kelce is like... ALWAYS open.  I'm serious.
This has been the whole year!  If they used Hill effectively, it would open the middle up for Kelce even more. It is awesome to see the speed in person!

There were a lot of questions as to if Hill could be a legit #1 WR.  

Here he is, on pace for 1200 yards.  

I don't think any WR has ever produced that many yards with Alex, and I think we all agree letting Maclin walk was a good idea.

Since Nagy took over playcalling, KC is running less stupid gimmick screens and running a real offense designed to pump the ball to our big 3 (Hill, Hunt, and Kelce).

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