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Black Friday 2017
Just in case anyone wanted discuss or brag about any Black Friday deals, here's a thread for you. 

I haven't bought much this year so far, but I did help my parents get a Samsung 40" 4k LED smart TV for $330 from Wal-Mart's website. Other than that it was all small stuff.

I haven't checked places like Rally House or Charlie Hustle yet, but has 30% off orders of $30+ with a promo code, so I know I'll hit that later.
bought a second fridge
3D Printer and a few accessories/filaments
a bunch of Fingerlings
22' ladder
8qt. 7-in-1 Instant Pot

not a huge door busting day, but pretty satisfied overall.  Had already bought a bunch of small toys earlier in the week off amazon too.  all add-on type purchases that were steeply discounted and will make for good stocking stuffers.
Getting a washer dryer combo unit
[Image: HG.gif]

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