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The Travel Thread
I don't travel much in general and have never left the country. When I visit a place it's typically to visit someone I know and almost never to outright vacation. I'm a staycation kind of guy.

I guess I've been to at least 18 states I can think of, but most of those were years ago and I still haven't hit some of the locations I'd like to (California to see the redwood forest, Las Vegas for some of the shows, etc.).

I'd vacation more often, except I don't like planning them and I'm very miserly. I've almost never had any debt outside of briefly for school (most of my education was covered by scholarships and it was a regional college for an AAS, not a major university).

I just recently bought a not just new to me car and became dumb and broke like everyone else instead of just uniquely dumb, but until I get a few payments down and my situation figured out, I'm tighter than ever with money even though I know I don't need to be based on my budget. So, yeah, no vacation plans any time in the near future, save for maybe a cheap road trip.
Wife and I love to travel we recently found we love to haul a camper and go where we please.  We just sold our little pop up so we can get something a bit bigger.   possibly a small RV.  But Ive seen everything west, North and South.  We are planning sever trips east for the history.  Wanna spend a week or so in DC with Smithsonian.  Or head to Gettysburg places like that.  And there is just plain old camping in a forrest
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HG, if you've never been to Maine, I highly recommend. It's beautiful.
(11-17-2017, 08:18 AM)DallasChief Wrote: HG, if you've never been to Maine, I highly recommend. It's beautiful.

We have been talking about maybe flying up there and driving down the coast.  My wife is one of those lighthouse nuts.  And I love the sea
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