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Kareem Hunt
If you take away all his long runs and his touchdowns the guy has very pedestrian numbers. Sad.
10/10 would troll again
[Image: chitown4.gif]
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Hahaha. That's pretty good. (Edit: except its not true, he's still averaging over 5 yards per carry without all 3 of his big runs which would place him 7th in ypa so far this year.)

Still missing the fucking point. But continue on. Deceive yourself as long as you can. Pretend that there wasn't mention of Mahommes on this very forum during last week's game because of Alex smith playing like he always has. Pretend our qb has completely changed because of 1 blown coverage, 1 beautiful deep throw and 1 long 3rd down pass in week 1.

Ignore the stats actually presented in the article that prove that he has actually even thrown the ball less distance per pass this year versus last year.
Take away our three wins and we are winless
Take away all but 3 passes of smiths and he throws deep passes 100% of the time. And completes them all too.
I like this kid. Tough to bring down, takes a hit and keeps on going, and is deceptionly fast.. As long as he stays healthy, he can carry this team a long way.

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