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Chiefs Weird Chiefs Superstitions?
What weird Chiefs superstitions do you have?

I have the weirdest feeling that the Chiefs will only have very, very successful seasons in odd numbered years.  It isn't logical, but there it is.  Last year I thought, "Of course we were one and done, it's an even numbered year".

This might be because we won the Superbowl in season of 1969, and most of the really GOOD seasons (not all, but most) since I became a fan in 1991 were odd numbered seasons - 1993, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2015 (hey, we had a better record in 2016 but 2015 is when we finally won a damn playoff game).  And the two worst seasons in the franchise's history - the two 2-14 seasons - were in even-numbered years (2008, 2012).

What weird beliefs or superstitions do you have with the team?
[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]
With Andy's team, it's "when I watch, we lose" which is uncanny given the team's record in that time period.

I skip a lot of games these days, y'all.  I do it for you.
It's random for me. One month I'll be worried about what hat I'm wearing and that I'm clean shaven, the next it's the shirt or who I bring to the game while trying to grow a Samson beard.

The reason it changes so much is the funny part though. The one thing I'm most convinced about is that if I find out for certain that I have the right combination, that I've accounted for every variable, it loses its magic. It's some real quantum physics shit.

Of course, the only thing I actually think might have a minute effect is yelling as loud as I can and encouraging others to as well.

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