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2017 Fantasy Football Advice Thread
(11-19-2017, 11:33 AM)tyecopeland Wrote: I have to start engram this week now that Shepard is out for the giants.

Who do I start him over? Ertz at TE, or over two of Thielen, Landry, Tate at Flex

I can't speak to Landry or Tate, but as a Thielen owner, I'd keep him in.  Seems like he's really catching fire this year.  The yards were always there, but now he's scoring, too.
I hope you chose Ertz to start him over as he got me next to nothing this week.
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(11-20-2017, 05:50 PM)mabbott Wrote: I hope you chose Ertz to start him over as he got me next to nothing this week.

I started ertz and engram. They scored a combined 5 points. Needed to start landry instead of one of them and I would have won. But just my 2nd loss.
I haven't needed much help this year. I'm 8-1 with a week 3 loss. My skill position players have been the bomb diggity. QB and TE are a little less certain. However, this week is the toughest team I will face all year, possibly a championship preview and will determine division winner (not that that matters).

Non-PPR, 1 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX

QB (1)
Big Ben vs. GB
Derek Carr vs. Den

Hardest decision I have to make each week is guessing which of these two will fall flat this week. Very inconsistent year for both guys. At the moment I'm playing the matchup and going with home Big Ben.

RB (1), WR (2), FLEX (2)
RB Kareem Hunt vs. Buff
RB Mark Ingram @ Rams
RB Melvin Gordon @ Dallas
WR Tyreek Hill vs. Buff
WR Adam Thielen @ Det
WR Brandon Cooks vs. Miami

Just to give you an idea, this is a 14 team league and I have 3 of the top 5 RBs now that Zeke is finally out and 3 of the top 6 WRs. It's because of this there's basically 3 insanely good teams and then everyone else. Yes, 2 other teams are almost as good as that because they have better QBs and TEs than I do.

I'm pretty sure I'm committed to playing all 3 of those RBs now even though Hunt has fallen off a little and Gordon is having some points shaved by a backup. So, the question is which 2 WRs do I start?

I'm going to have to pick up a different D/ST this week instead of the Rams since they are facing the Saints and coming off of a bad performance. Probably pick up Titans @ Indy. I'm dropping my TE2 (Gresham) rather than any of my other backups, because they're actually worth stealing in a big league (Cooper Kupp, Nelson Agholor, Kenyan Drake, Austin Ekeler).
(09-14-2017, 08:34 PM)tyecopeland Wrote: I'm trying to trade hunt for bell. I'm throwing in jarvis landry or Alshon Jeffrey to try to make it go.

Not going to help my depth. Part of me is not sure that it's much of an upgrade but I don't trust andy reid to remember he has a dominant rb.

I really wish this trade had gone through. I'm still doing great in my league but I may have to start kamara and woodhead in the coming weeks instead of kamara and hunt.

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