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Chiefs Chiefs add to the OL

I like this trade.  A fifth rounder for a versatile lineman with three years left on their contract.
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Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!
(08-30-2017, 01:27 PM)mabbott Wrote:

I like this trade.  A fifth rounder for a versatile lineman with three years left on their contract.

Nothing in the article you linked suggests "versatile lineman"; what it actually said was:

Quote:It's surprising the Browns netted anything for Erving, who barely made an impact since being drafted in the first-round of the 2015 NFL Draft. The former Florida State star struggled mightily over 17 starts, operating as a flag-generating barn door who never found a natural home along Cleveland's line.

So... I'd rather have that pick, is what I'm saying.  Or we could've signed this dude off the street.  This isn't as dumb as giving up a draft pick for Herm Fuckin' Edwards, but it still sucks.
He supposedly looked decent as a RT and nowhere else in the NFL, but the idea that Cam could be a versatile lineman was because he played multiple line positions in college. I could understand why the Chiefs think their coaching staff could get more out of the guy than the Browns could, but at the same time there's more than enough reason for skepticism.

In the end, I'm fine with this because honestly this is the kind of risk they would take on a guy in the 5th. LDT was a 6th rounder that had great physical tools and he paid off. More often than not, it won't.
Meh..I'm with NOLA, would rather had kept the pick given this kids' NFL resume'. Welp hopefully he is just here for depth, cause he is no starter. I had enough of the turnstile tackles when we had I-65.
Well, the good news is the Chiefs got rid of Jah Reid, who was flat out terrible.  And hold your horses everyone, nobody's asking him to start.  They're asking him to be a back-up.  And the Chiefs haven't really had much luck with a 5th rounder anyways.

(Side Note:  I think KC will get a 5th back as a conditional pick due to the Nick Foles signing)

I think the college football offensive style is changing the landscape of offensive line play, which is affecting the NFL O-Line play.  The back-ups seems to get worse across the board, and it's not just KC.

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