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Chiefs PRESEASON 2017

Let's talk about the preseason games in this thread right here.

Game 1: vs. Niners at the center of the Universe, Arrowhead Stadium.

Me, I'll be interested in seeing how the run d has improved, if at all, and seeing the running backs.

Oh, and might be interested in what our third string QB does.

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

Well looks like our new Running back has raised some eyebrows People are talking about this almost as much as the #2 QB spot.  Smith will start, Bray to play 2nd quarter and the young uns play the 2nd half

[Image: HG.gif]

In case you can't see it on TV...

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

Alex just can't throw that long ball, huh?

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

1's offense did all right.  7-0 Chiefs.

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

Bray is not going to keep the #2 spot, methinks. I have been very cautious getting on the Mahomes bandwagon, but dude looks more comfy on the field, even behind a worse line.

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

Am I the only person who's concerned about both sides of the ball on the run?

Our run o is questionable.  Our run D got slashed up the middle (again).  I know, it's preseason.  It's vanilla.  But...

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

Overall, though, feeling good about the team based on this game. We'll see in the next three preseason games, but if the 1's look like they have their shit together, that bodes well, no matter what the score ends up being.

And the 1's do look like they have their shit together, even with the things I'm worried about.  We still have lots of guys out injured too...

[Image: CC23sig3copy.gif]

I thought our 1's looked great.  I do not like Bray.  His decision making is horrible. Hill was wide open on the slant route when he threw the interception that was badly thrown at Ware.  I want to see Hunt run more. West and Ware do not scare nor impress me as RBs. The are good RBs; however, we need better.

I was happy to see all the QBs throw down the field.  Our 2nd string and below leave much to be desired!  Although, I like our LBs.

[Image: 57agPlO.png]
Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

Pretty well agree with most of the takes on here. 1s looked good, running O and D are suspect. I really hated seeing Steven Nelson get burned for a big play since he's likely the starter opposite of Peters when we aren't in the nickel or dime. The most important and obvious take is Bray does not belong ahead of Mahomes, and it looks like the Chiefs agree.

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