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Not happy
Yeah that just might do.  Took them long enough to post it.  Every other story was up that night
[Image: HG.gif]
Well, at least I made it in.... 1 second of fame, but it counts....
Spoke with the attorney yesterday about the situation. He said maybe nothing could be done this season but his hopes are for next season the section to once again be ADA. He asked if section had been physically altered--second row tier removed, ramp gone, etc. Don't think that would have made him happy if jackhammer had been used. This guy sounds serious, I will say that.
Oh yeah, he asked if other fans, ticket holders, etc. were upset about this and I gave him a positive on that.
We may have had our seats moved but at least the Season Tickets came today. Hopefully, we will be in these seats for only one year.
And in FOUR weeks our asses will be tailgating and at Arrowhead!!

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