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Not happy
(05-11-2017, 03:14 PM)NOLA Wrote:
(05-11-2017, 03:07 PM)Razorchief Wrote: Okay, after thinking about it for a minute I am more pissed than I was. At NO time were HG or I told that a damn credit union was buying out our seats. This is ridiculous. I just emailed the Chiefs and haven't heard back yet but i am already thinking about something to do. This sucks. Completely sucks. Our ADA seats go to corporates who probably won't even watch the game but simply take a tax deduction. Pitiful. This ain't over.

You guys should start throwing it up on your Facebook pages and other social media, maybe it will go viral.

^^^ this.  I'll help out on my channels.  Just let me know when you post it, HG.

Just posted this thread on Twitter.  Maybe you'll get a response.
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And to think that it is HANDICAPPED seating!!!  Not good PR at all. Not good.
Try to get a response from the team first. See if they do the right thing BEFORE you use the social media pulpit to beat them down.
Just got off the phone with the Chiefs. Here's the deal--It is NOT going to be a corporate party area. No, it is a Community Party area. anyone with a ticket can come by, eat, drink, watch the game. Yes, if you don't like your seat in section 321 then come on by Section 123, formerly ADA seating and watch the game from there. No need to worry. If you have a ticket then come on by. I asked if other ADA seating had been removed and the answer was "not anymore this year". Was told that actually some sections had more ADA added which leads me to think that, Yes, more seats had been screwed with.  So, our old seats are now fair game for those who want a Community Party Area. Pitiful, just pitiful.
Yeah, that pisses ME off.

Now I understand corporate sponsorship, but this shit belongs in New England.
I told the poor girl who had to deal with me that I could understand Jerry Jones doing this, or the Broncos or the Raiders. But the Chiefs doing it is very disheartening. And that horrendous blue color combination doesn't help any.  I will have to check on ADA regulations.
One of the benefits of a 1-10 pm work schedule is an entire morning available for emails, phone calls, contacting people. TV stations and such are on the list for today. I have been told by many that I can get obsessed and fixated on an issue--this is one of those issues.
Just got done with doing an interview for Fox 4.  Spent quite a bit of time.  Its going to air sometime tonight between 5:30 and 10:30.  We will see what happens. He told me that the Chiefs had no comment at this time
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Just got off the phone with the reporter. He said that if the Chiefs sent us nothing in writing then there is really no story. It would basically be our word against their's. I got NOTHING in writing from the Chiefs, only a phone call. This is getting real irritating real fast. Reporter guy said Chiefs probably knew they messed up by not sending anything in writing. I don't care. ALL the ticket holders in that section are being moved. This only makes my fixation on this even stronger.
Well then we take this to social media.

Guys, write a nice long FB post detailing the story, with pictures.  And we'll start getting it out there.
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