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Chiefs How You Feelin' About their Chances?
Out of curiosity...

How are y'all feeling about...
  • The Chiefs chances to make the playoffs
  • The Chiefs chances to win playoff games
  • The Chiefs chances to make the SB
  • The Chiefs chances to WIN the SB?

Just wondering.  I don't think this team is good enough on paper but damn, they keep finding ways to win when they really shouldn't.
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I say AFC Championship game.
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(12-05-2016, 02:59 PM)HG Wrote: I say AFC Championship game.
Andy Reid specialty.
The Chiefs have a difficult schedule remaining including 3 home games against the Raiders (10-2), Titans (6-6, tied for their division lead), Broncos (8-4) as well as a road game against the Chargers (5-7). That being said, they've already beat 3 of their 4 remaining opponents this season.

I feel like it would take a major stumble to miss the playoffs at this point. After that, it really depends upon how healthy they are, who they face in the playoffs and where, though my natural inclination is to say "AFC Championship game". Yeah, Andy Reid special.

If the Chiefs win the division and have home field, bump my expectations up to SUPERBOWL!

If the Chiefs stumble, barely make the playoffs with no hope for a home game, they are still a dangerous team on the road. At that point, consider my expectations met and everything they get from that point on to be gravy.
The part that really makes me excited is I feel like this team is winning against good teams. I feel like in the past we were really good at beating bad teams but got exposed by good team. This year we have been fight back and beating quality teams.
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We beat raiders AT Oakland. We beat donkeys AT Denver. We beat several good teams at their place. that speaks of a good team that maybe doesn't realize how good they actually are. I listened to Gumble yesterday talk about how "can they continue to win without offense" and such. Hell, the point is to TO WIN!!  As long as we score one more point than the other team I don't give a flying fuck how we do it.
I think we'll make the playoffs. I'd like to see the defense tighten down a bit on yards allowed and I'd like to see Maclin open up the offense a little before I say we're winning playoff games. Having said that with Gronk out, the Pat's are beatable meaning we CAN make the superbowl. Just keep winning I suppose.

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I love asskickingboots post!  I feel we will make the playoffs and hope that we keep opening up the Offense like we did in the 4th qtr of the Broncos game and the Falcons game.
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Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!
I feel good about everything except the last two. 

This is a good team, but I still have hesitation.  Andy Reid.  Alex Smith.
The good thing is that as long as we take care of business against the Titans there is very little chance of us falling out of the playoff race even if we managed to lose the other 3 games. I was messing around with espn's playoff machine and while it is possible, there aren't many scenarios where we drop out if we finish with one more win.

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