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Election 2016
(02-11-2018, 11:13 AM)Chi-town_Chief Wrote: Have those things happend? No. Has he been a good president? Also, no.

I agree, but who was the last good president?  Zeke?

Do you think Obama was a good president?  

He jacked up my taxes.

Droned tens of thousands of civilians to death with the least effecient bombing campaign in history.

Expanded mass surveillance after LYING and saying he would END it.  

Income in the black community in particular suffered immensely.

Forced me under gun point to buy health insurance while getting my awesome health insurance cancelled

Expanded an open border policy and showed blatant favoritism to muslims over persecuted christians in the middle east (who are being straight up genocided)

Ousted Gaddafi, which is directly responsible for the mass muslim migration from africa and the expanding slave market of Libya.

Created a system of czars, which is fundamentally unconstitutional.

Executed more executive orders than any president in history (they all do this, but Obama claimed he was different)

People overlook the awful things 'their guy' does.  Trump honks do the same thing.

Not to mention his buddy buddy relationship with Farrakhan, a racist black nationalist who thinks white people are a rebellious slave race created in a fucking laboratory.  The guy makes David Duke look tolerant by comparison.

No.  There's nothing more pathetic to me than people who love their leaders too much.  They should be under constant scrutiny.  Trump is, and that's good.  I just don't think the hyperbole helps.  

In my experience contemporaries are rarely right about presidents.  It's history that tells the truth.  I can tell you all the things I dislike about Trump in a similar manner, but the hyperbolic smear campaign he's gone through is unlike anything I've ever seen.  I think it's FUCKED Up that we live in a society where if you say "I want the best for America" it is conflated with 'White supremacy" and 'white nationalism'.  It's horse shit.  I've never seen ANYTHING like it in my lifetime

I'd rather have Trump than Trudeau.
Alot to unpack and I'm on my phone so I can't respond to each thing individually. 

I don't think obama was great but I do think he was one of the better presidentspin modern time. People think he passed all these executive orders but in truth he passed the least about of them in modern history.

And trump gets called racist for doing a bunch of racist shit. Hires a white nationalist as chief strategist. Hires Stephen Miller as policy advisor. Comes to the defense of nazis and Nazi sympathizers after one runs over and kills a protester.
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Policy-wise, I don't think Trump has really done anything that any other Republican wouldn't have done if they had been elected president.  He has more of a hard-on for the Wall then most GOP candidates had. Other than that, I can't think of anything he's done that wouldn't have been done by a Republican controlled house, senate and white house.   

But the things he says and tweets are pretty embarrassing. And the way he's handled the Comey/Russia investigation is dumb too.
The problem with Obama's executive orders was always quality, not quantity. DACA is a prime example where instead of making minor adjustments to existing law he created law out of whole cloth. One main argument in favor of it is prosecutorial discretion, but that has nothing to do with the limitations of executive orders.

Whether you think DACA is a good idea or not is irrelevant, the process it was put in place with was illegitimate and beyond the power of the president. I don't want Trump to have that kind of power, to legislate from the oval office, either.

But overall I'm kind of between DC and Jonas on Trump. The dude is an embarrassment from time to time, but realistically it's all the same as it would have been with Kasich or someone like that. I'm happy with some things like his tax plan and irritated with others like his budget.

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