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Pioli joke
hopefully this is true...and then we can hear how Slick Nick Athan was the first to find out about this all
DallasChief, post: 18658 Wrote:I won. :teeth:
I can easily change that. Wink
penguin, post: 18663 Wrote:I can easily change that. Wink

I'm so happy, I don't really care. Smile
DallasChief, post: 18661 Wrote:Text message.

Either way, I've got dibs on driving him to the airport.
Well 810 has confirmed it also. So. now what? lol
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warthog, post: 18666 Wrote:ANY NEWS IF HERM AND GANG ARE GONE YET!?!?!? :dancing:

Pioli's throwing the shit out of Herm's office down onto the Arrowhead parking lot as we speak.
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no only saw that one thing and they dont even have it as breaking news or anything
News is my high school just turned down an offer from Herm to coach our high school powder puff game
Adam Schefter is saying the same thing on NFL Network. It's on the scroll at the bottom.

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