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Comic Book TV Shows and Movies - All The Things!
Beat ya to it.  lol.  

Black Panther was a decent movie. Im not going to say great but I did enjoy it. I thought that they went a bit overboard on the advanced city's and some of the tech. But none of these films are 100% like the comics. There where two bonus scenes and I am happy to say that I called it on who was gonna make a guest appearance. Andy Serkis was pure Any Serkis. He made a pretty good Claw. But this was in a way an origin story. And wow. Okoya/Machone need to bring some of her moves to the Walking Dead. Michael B Jordan is amazing.

Standard trailers, Incredibles 2, Dead Pool 2, Antman and Wasp,  Sadly no Avengers
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Going to see "Black Panther" today.

Finished "Altered Carbon". Enjoyed it a lot.

Watching "The Expanse" season 2.  I liked the first season a lot.  The 2nd one is not as good, IMO.
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Every showing of Black Panther at the theater near me (two of four screens) is sold out through the middle of the week.  I will see it at some point.
Saw it yesterday. Loved it. Great cast. Great action. Hits on a lot of themes.
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DIDN'T go see Black Panther.  We're going next weekend.

Hubby didn't buy tickets soon enough and things were sold out.
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I'm waiting until the hoopla dies down to see Black Panther. I really don't like crowded theaters.

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