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The Matt Cassel Experience
chiefsfanintexas, post: 101469 Wrote:[size="2"]Matt Cassel Must Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size]

And be replaced by RECEIVERS who can CATCH the BALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
This team needs receivers and a new QB to have the necessary passing attack to be a Super Bowl contender in this league.
but the receivers would need to be 20 ft tall
Even with the dropped TD pass by Bowe, Cassel is completely inadequate to be a starter for a contending team in the NFL. If we're truly gonna do any damage in this league, we're gonna need a new QB.
RazorChief, post: 101468 Wrote:Cassel didn't drop a touchdown nor did Cassel drop the NEXT pass thrown his way. Bowe needs to pull his head out.

While true, Cassel didn't do anything in this game to quiet any criticism.

Good QBs, not great but just good QBs, can and do overcome mistakes by others.

Matt Cassel is just not good.

Regardless, we do have a problem at WR that must eventually be addressed.
Cassel has been bad. Lets be real though. Bowe blew that TD, maybe the game. He grabs that and who knows what happens after that in the game. There were several drops by people that were pretty much unacceptable, we all saw the ones by Bowe, JC had one , I think Copper dropped one, can't recall. We need to get Chambers more involved in this offense. Also Moeaki needs more looks, he's shown that he can make the athletic catches, and our QB kind of throws wild ones sometimes, so it just makes sense to through to him.

Offensive balance on this team is very strange right now as well. when we pass, we pass too much, when we run, we run too much. We kind of seem to trend and I think that its hurting the Running game in the long run. I wish we could give the ball to JC and TJ every time and just slam in down the field, but we can't. We saw that today, that they'll just load up against us knowing that were going to run it because we have no confidence in our passing game. Confidence or not though, we aren't good enough to avoid it completely.
FRUSTRATED!!!! SO F'ING FRUSTRATED!!!!!!! I wouldn't mind seeing what Croyle can do behind that line...cause the line play is pretty solid. Cassel refuses to throw the ball...or his WR's can' get open...oh wait no its because he can't see them! I don't think he has any field vision as a qb! But also Bowe has to do one friggin thing, CATCH THE DAMN BALL and he's in the end zone and can't bring it down? WTF?

Our defense played about as awesome as it could! We were in Manning's head all game long and it showed in the 2nd and 3rd quarter majorly, then he finally got a groove going in the 4th somehow....I see a qb and a WR in the next draft...whenever that is....if we have NFL football next year! Blargh....was the team as a whole that much better in NE 2008? I would love for Pioli to man up and say he made a mistake with Cassel, it won't happen but gahd!

and on that last drive we had the ball, why in the hell were we not passing to the sideline to stop the damn clock?
I knew this was going to happen. True enogh, not a stellar game by MC, but the true title of this thread ought to be BENCH BOWE!! For all you Cassel haters, just what do you propose we do? Start Brodie?? Get real, MC will be our starter again within a game, or at most 2. Then with Brokie on IR, we have to promote Tyler Palko as our #2 and start looking at sandlots for a #3. Enough hate, already! I believe there will be some movement in the off season.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong. And I'm sure some of you will tell me I am. But I'm not. Peace out, y'all!![size="7"][/size]
well I agree with Bowe, can we make him the TE and Moeaki the WR?
Yes, Cassel has his problems but dropped passes is not one of them. Hey, Wide Receivers, remember that the word RECEIVER is part of your job description. Cassel didn't cost us this game. Bowe poses, flexes, does all that look-at-me-crap and then DROPS how many balls? CATCH the damn ball!!

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