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Tony Gonzalez is a Falcon
This fing sucks!!! No help this year???? Falcons shouls have a killer offense further driving down that second round pick! This is BS to me.
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Maybe there is more to this, like the Cassel deal more came later.
My Blood Runs Red
The good news is I'm pretty sure the Falcons are going to fall back to Earth--hard--this fall. Should be a high 2nd-rounder.

I'd be more pissed, but Haley's offense doesn't feature the tight end the way Vermeil/Saunders Coryell-style offense did... or even the way Herm's "3rd and Holy Fuck!" did.
I would just like to address for one moment that not EVERYTHING is about 2009.

Now-now-now-now does nothing for us. Witness the old vets signed during FA; it's a stop gap. We're building primarily through the draft, it's going to be at least one more year from now before we're ready to make a LEGITIMATE run, so getting bent out of shape regarding the overall results of the 2009 season is pointless.

Tony is and was a great Chief. But you need to remember; he was under contract and yet he ASKED FOR THIS. REPEATEDLY. He'll enter the Hall as a Chief though he may not retire as one.

Me? I more excited about the Chiefs post-Superbowl celebration than I am about Tony going to Canton.
[size="4"]"Gomer Pyle at QB >>>>>Matt Cassel".[/size]
it's official:

Reports are saying that Dorsey is going to be delt to Atlanta for a 1st and 4th round pick this year.
I am seriously on the verge of tears right now.Pioli got njacked up in this trade.he gave TG away to his buddy Dmitroff
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This sucks. We just lost our top receiver and we don't even get a pick for this years draft. Totally unacceptable. :banghead:
So is this the Chiefs saying, 'were not going anywhere this year guys'?
warthog, post: 41027 Wrote:So is this the Chiefs saying, 'were not going anywhere this year guys'?

DID YOU THINK WE WERE??????? C'mon man! You know better than that.
[size="4"]"Gomer Pyle at QB >>>>>Matt Cassel".[/size]

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