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Chiefs vs. Steelers, Wildcard SNF

Wildcard, bitches!

A few short weeks ago the Chiefs utterly embarrassed the Steelers in entirely undramatic fashion. The game wasn't in question from the moment the Chiefs were up 14-0 and the defense even threatened a shutout well into the 3rd quarter. This is despite the Chiefs missing a number of key pieces due to Covid infections / protocols. The final stats weren't flattering for the Steelers and even then didn't tell the whole story.

Now this time it really matters. The Chiefs being the #2 seed means they get the honor of facing a team that less than a handful of years ago wouldn't even be in the playoffs and no one would shed a tear outside of the Steeler faithful. A team that's merely here because they did the NFL version of kissing their sister and ended a game in a tie against the lowly Lions.

This is a new game, the score is 0-0 with a full 60 minutes to go. The turnover margin is +/-0 right now, not +3 Chiefs. The Chiefs can't just assume they show up and win. They need to take the attitude that won the game against the Steelers back with them.

In the Mahomes era the Chiefs haven't had to play a true road playoff game. There's a strong possibility that streak continues through this postseason. Being the #2 seed the Chiefs will host this weekend, would host next weekend if they win, and could host their record 4th straight AFC Championship Game if they win and the Titans lose,

As Black Monday hits the NFL landscape the bad news for the Chiefs isn't that they gotta find a new coach or something, but rather that teams are getting all up in their business while trying to find their next coach / GM. I'm sticking to Chiefs related news, though there will be some AFC West shakeups.

Matt Nagy, former Chiefs OC, was fired as HC of the Bears

Eric Bieniemy is being looked as a HC candidate for the... ew, Broncos

Ryan Poles, current Chiefs Executive Director of Player Personnel is target for the Giants GM search

Mike Borgonzi and his obviously made up name is also being considered a potential GM candidate elsewhere

Creed Humphrey is on PFF's All-Pro team

Trey Smith (and obviously Creed) is on PFF's All-Rookie team

I'm not the biggest believer in PFF rankings, it's trying to label the subjective as if it were objective, but this is certainly a positive sign for the Chiefs moving forward on the line and it just jives with the eye test on these two.

Final Injury Report

Clyde is Out. Darrel Williams is Questionable.

Najee is Questionable for the Steelers.

The health of the RBs is the only thing in question, but I feel like Gore with Jet would be a solid set of backs.

Don't forget Darwin.

We just resigned him to the practice squad.

What's the weather forecast for the game? Looks pretty shitty there today.

Well, I guess that went okay.

Bring on the Bills!

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