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Chiefs @ Broncos, Week 18 - Saturday Afternoon Football?

The Chiefs may have fucked up their best, easiest path to a championship, but they are miles from out of it and have an outside shot at the #1 seed still (root for the Texans). Every team in the AFC playoff picture is flawed, but at least the Chiefs can say they were in all the games they lost except one and they didn't lose to some turd like the Texans or Jets or both.

I'll go ahead and say it, the Titans would be one of the weakest #1 seeds ever. They are merely a .500-ish team without Henry aided heavily by a weak schedule while their star was out and their fans are morons if they think he's just going to dominate immediately off of a serious injury. It often takes players 5 or 6 games to get their legs back underneath them and feel confident in their running. It's like they're trying to turn him into Eddie George and grind him into dust.

This is potentially a worst case scenario for my pocket book. If the Chiefs are the #2 seed they don't get a bye and might still host the AFC Championship game. Potentially 3 playoff games is a lot of dough to shell out, especially since they are more expensive than regular season games. I'll take that scenario in a heartbeat since it means the Chiefs are in the AFCCG again, it just might mean I'm eating rice and beans for a while. I'd much rather they get that #1 seed, have an easier path, and of lesser importance save me some money.

The Broncos-Chiefs game got moved to a Saturday 3:30 kickoff. Just as well get an extra day's rest heading into the playoffs, especially if we're playing that Wild Card weekend. Texans-Titans is a regular noon Sunday game. Don't know why the league did them such a favor that they could potentially rest their starters if we lost (we won't), but screw it since we ostensibly benefit as well. Let's roll! Go Chiefs!

I hope they take out some frustrations on the Broncos! Put this game away early and get ready for the playoffs!

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Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

(01-04-2022, 12:47 PM)mabbott Wrote:  I hope they take out some frustrations on the Broncos!  Put this game away early and get ready for the playoffs!

Short week aside, I'm psyched this game is alone in its own timeslot on Saturday.  Nice preview for playoff season.

Also, as always, fuck the Broncos.

Final Injury Report

Niang and CEH are out. Orlando Brown Jr. should play. Otherwise mostly healthy and I hope we keep it that way.

For the Donks they're short a couple starting CBs, namely Surtain II and Darby. They could potentially be without their punter and/or kicker, so there could be some hijinks on special teams.

I think I'll be on the road for most of this game. Will be the first game I haven't been able to watch this year.

So the team looked utterly mediocre in a win, but I am gonna hope that was cos that didn't want to show much before the playoffs.

Meanwhile, that Chargers-Raiders game... holy shit. And somehow the Steelers and the Raiders are in the playoffs? With the Steelers coming back to Arrowhead?

Had a number of people, including random people like the postman, ask if I'd seen the Chargers-Raiders game. The NFL has kind of wised up and started putting the entire ends of some games on YouTube minus commercials, so I found a clip of the last 4+ minutes and OT, 54 minutes total even without the commercials.

That was amazing. Would have been even better if it hadn't been spoiled to me.

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