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Chiefs @ Football Team, Week 6

(10-18-2021, 08:04 PM)asskickingboots Wrote:  
(10-18-2021, 05:56 PM)NOLA Wrote:  So, does anyone here have the inside story on this?

Sorry it's a yahoo link.

A friend of mine was reading me the story yesterday while we were watching the afternoon games, but now that I've dug a little deeper it's far more interesting than the basic bitch version.

X Factor said on Twitter "The man who knocked out me aka Xfactor is RedXtreme who is right in front of me in photo. Feud started 18 years ago when he slept with mother of my child behind my back. He broke my hand, ankle, jaw, teeth and 4 ribs in punching me at #arrowhead #chiefs #kcchiefs #ChiefsKingdom"

However, I highly suggest reading the Twitter comments for more context and questions.

The craziest part is this happened in my section and I somehow missed it. I've met both guys before. Oerman sits in I belief either my row near the far left or the row behind, Sometimes he wears a custom jersey with his last name on it and he often would get in shouting matches with people. I can remember at least 2 occasions Oerman and X-Factor arguing, but he generally seemed like an angry dude anyway so I didn't know their feud was special.

X-Factor had actually been to our tailgate a couple times, but HG told me at one point that he thought Ty was "no longer worth the effort" or something weird like that without much elaboration. They'd work together as superfans before on charity, so they'd met several times

X-Factor is claiming some of the same injuries he recently claimed were from a car wreck, which isn't a good look and could obviously bite him in the ass later.

Also, it seems as though X-Factor may have threw a water bottle at Oerman's wife, which led to him getting knocked the fuck out. I'm assuming this is the case and the Chiefs organization know it because they banned X-Factor for a year initially and changed it to for life upon review.

Here's a split second of the fight and brief aftermath.

Not sure if more of it exists. I'm assuming it does, which makes this whole situation even more bizarre because what context would Oerman want to cut out in the middle of him punching X-Factor?

If you want to do any further digging, be my guest.

Nope, man, that was as much gossip and rubbernecking as I was looking for.  I knew Ty had been on some version of this board or one of its predecessors once or twice and was friendly/acquainted with some folks who do/did post here, and I wasn't sure if the other dude was as well.  And I was sure there was way more than we were getting from the Star's limited version of events. That all sounds like a mess for sure.

Gridiron Heights has not been very good this year because they're only doing episodes every other week, but this is solid:


(10-20-2021, 02:27 PM)NOLA Wrote:  Gridiron Heights has not been very good this year because they're only doing episodes every other week, but this is solid:

Yeah I've been disappointed this season as well. I woild. Rather have weekly 1 minute episodes.

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