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Chiefs @ Football Team, Week 6

I'm not going to bother re-watching the game or highlights because I don't listen to My Chemical Romance on repeat and cut myself. I'm also not in the mood to state the obvious, but here we are.

This has been the worst start to a season we've seen in years. This was the only of the losses though where I felt we just got outright beat, not just outedged at the final moments, and it really put a damper on my entire attitude about this team. This was probably the worst start of a season going back to 2015 when the team started 1-5, looked awful, had just lost Jamaal Charles to injury, erasing a lot of the good will Reid had built up turning a 2-14 team into a 9-7 team barely missing the playoffs.

What happened to that 2015 team? They won 11 straight games before running into the Pats in the playoffs. It was the most recent time the Chiefs didn't win the division, having won it 5 times straight since. It really was the starting point of this becoming a spoiled fanbase. I don't say that as a pejorative, just an observation.

There's a few points to take from all this.

Point 1: We got some real issues man
Yes, we have real problems that need addressing that have been exposed, especially on defense. Tipped balls for interceptions and fumbles on a rainy day happen on offense. Blown coverages, missed tackles, and a lack of pressure can be a far worse sign of a team's overall strength.

I normally tend to defend middle of the road rotational players that draw the ire of the fanbase. Sorenson has been a big scapegoat online for some fans pretty much his entire time here. He's actually a fine situational player, though I'd prefer if he weren't starting.

I went into this self-reflective assignment assuming there were systemic issues at play, not just personnel. Some soft targets had some bad plays like Sorenson, but as an example he's also leading the team in tackles. He has a role on this team, even if it needs to be rightfully adjusted because he's over exposed right now.

The Chiefs have the fewest sacks in the NFL (7) and hence given up the 4th worst QB Rating (109.6). So, there's the real problem, right? Get more pressure, duh! It isn't that team isn't getting pressure though, they're middle of the road in pressure rate.

I tried to look for an obvious main problem, and it just wasn't popping up.

We aren't blitzing too much or too little. We're getting pressure, just maybe not hitting home. They are strangely near average in a number of advanced statistics that might be good indicators of a more specific issue despite having some really poor volume numbers. Even penalties haven't been that bad overall even if they've been at back-breaking times. In some ways I'd feel better if there were an obvious problem that could be fixed.

The biggest thing that stood out is our defense is the worst in the league at scoring percentage. Teams are getting points on us far too often. Sometimes it's because aggressive gambles (going on 4th) have paid off, other times it's capitalizing on short fields, but regardless teams are getting points. Getting some of these drives to end sooner could lead to a massive improvement across the board.

This may seem very basic of me, but we need to play better situational and complementary football on both sides of the football, and that I believe is our biggest problem. It's either that or they need to start having some good luck for a change.

Point 2: We still have hope
No, we don't need to abandon all hope. We had a ridiculous schedule to start the year, but the schedule gets easier and there's some opportunities to fix problems.

Adversity can build character in those willing to embrace it.

There was another far more recent trend of bad football played by the Chiefs than 2015. There was a stretch where the Chiefs lost 4 of 6 games to a few really good playoff teams, but also a middling Colts team at home. It was real easy to feel down about the team then too. They not only got their shit together, including fixing some defensive issues, that team ended up winning Super Bowl LIV.

This team has it's banes, but it also has boons most others could only dream of. I mentioned we are spoiled as a fanbase and that's fine, so long as it doesn't become an issue for the players. I think it has become an issue for some of the players. I'm still seeing some great effort from the people that matter though, so I'm not giving up just yet.

I was going to go further yet into all this, but I'm tired, more pissed off than I've been as a fan for years, and I'm not sure if this will look nearly as coherent as it felt when I typed it. You guys deserve better than late night ramblings from me. I'd much rather be talking smack about a franchise so lost they don't even have a real fucking name, but it's clear we need to get our house in order first and foremost.

If last week was not a wake up call, nothing will be.

I feel a big part of our defensive issues is execution. Missed tackles, blown coverages doesn't help at all.

I am not anti-Sorenson, I agree with you, he is a stellar situational player. Putting him in as much as Spags is does more harm than good. Sometimes he is an outstanding tackler but as of late all it takes a a mediocre move by the offense and he misses. Watching him drop back in coverage hurts! That is not what he is good at. He seems to work best in a zone.

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(10-13-2021, 01:22 AM)asskickingboots Wrote:  I'd much rather be talking smack about a franchise so lost they don't even have a real fucking name, but it's clear we need to get our house in order first and foremost.

I watched the entirety of Saints@WFT last week, and I can tell you that is a pretty demoralized defense, but that Taylor Heinicke kid is frisky and Antonio Gibson seems to be for real.

If we can't beat Washington, we deserve to finish last in the division. I know they're feisty, but they aren't as good of a team.

Sounds like Thornhill is going to start.

I thought Thornhill looked really good this preseason. He has certainly played better than Sorenson thus far in limited play

This has to stop. I don't know what the solution is, but if these guys can't catch these balls, they need to start fucking knocking them down.

The second half looked much better, but what is with this team and self inflicted wounds? Hold on to the damn ball.

And i know gunslinger is something we have to deal with with mahomes but it's never caught up to him before.

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(10-17-2021, 07:29 PM)Chi-town_Chief Wrote:  The second half looked much better, but what is with this team and self inflicted wounds? Hold on to the damn ball.

And i know gunslinger is something we have to deal with with mahomes but it's never caught up to him before.

I believe half of his interceptions have been on deflections, whether batted at the line or off a receiver. Way too many have been Mahomes pressing too hard, like the INT right before half when we were in FG range, but that's correctable. I think it can be cleaned up. Fumbles on the other hand are a little more random and harder to control.

One of the so-called advanced stats I hate the most is "interceptable" passes. I promise that I don't think it's circumstance that Mahomes has avoided most of these interceptable balls turning into actual interceptions and this is him regressing to the mean.

So, does anyone here have the inside story on this?

Sorry it's a yahoo link.

(10-18-2021, 05:56 PM)NOLA Wrote:  So, does anyone here have the inside story on this?

Sorry it's a yahoo link.

A friend of mine was reading me the story yesterday while we were watching the afternoon games, but now that I've dug a little deeper it's far more interesting than the basic bitch version.

X Factor said on Twitter "The man who knocked out me aka Xfactor is RedXtreme who is right in front of me in photo. Feud started 18 years ago when he slept with mother of my child behind my back. He broke my hand, ankle, jaw, teeth and 4 ribs in punching me at #arrowhead #chiefs #kcchiefs #ChiefsKingdom"

However, I highly suggest reading the Twitter comments for more context and questions.

The craziest part is this happened in my section and I somehow missed it. I've met both guys before. Oerman sits in I belief either my row near the far left or the row behind, Sometimes he wears a custom jersey with his last name on it and he often would get in shouting matches with people. I can remember at least 2 occasions Oerman and X-Factor arguing, but he generally seemed like an angry dude anyway so I didn't know their feud was special.

X-Factor had actually been to our tailgate a couple times, but HG told me at one point that he thought Ty was "no longer worth the effort" or something weird like that without much elaboration. They'd work together as superfans before on charity, so they'd met several times

X-Factor is claiming some of the same injuries he recently claimed were from a car wreck, which isn't a good look and could obviously bite him in the ass later.

Also, it seems as though X-Factor may have threw a water bottle at Oerman's wife, which led to him getting knocked the fuck out. I'm assuming this is the case and the Chiefs organization know it because they banned X-Factor for a year initially and changed it to for life upon review.

Here's a split second of the fight and brief aftermath.

Not sure if more of it exists. I'm assuming it does, which makes this whole situation even more bizarre because what context would Oerman want to cut out in the middle of him punching X-Factor?

If you want to do any further digging, be my guest.

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