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Chiefs @ Bucs - SB LV

(01-26-2021, 11:10 AM)asskickingboots Wrote:  God bless all of the dumbass talking heads feeding the Chiefs motivation. I never watch Skip Bayless because I in no way want to support his continued existence, yet alone as a media figure, but as I've heard elsewhere after picking the Browns and Bills to defeat the Chiefs he is back to say they'll lose to the Bucs.

Skip decided to inform PM15 he's lucky to have won a SB at all, instead of realizing he was a DE lining up offsides away from going to 3 SBs in his first 3 seasons as a starter. Besides, Tom Brady never was lucky to win a SB? How about his first?

So I guess the question is how many fingers will Mahomes count to in response to this slight?

You should watch the skip vs skip debates on YouTube. They prove how big of a clown he is. Besides his undying love of the cowboys and Brady he bounces between takes just to manufacture the drama. But he's been a brady ball washer forever. So it doesn't surprise me when people post what he says about brady or mahomes.

"Chiefs win too many close games"

vs. Texans
Chiefs hold a 7-31 with under 8 minutes left
Final 34-20

vs. Chargers
Legit close game, 4th Quarter Comeback to force OT
Final 23-20 OT

vs. Ravens
Chiefs have 27-10 halftime lead
Final 34-20

vs. Patriots
Chiefs have 13-3 lead heading into 4th quarter, answer a 4th quarter TD by Pats with their own and immediately bury them with a pick 6 after
Final 26-10

vs. Raiders
Even in this loss the Chiefs held a 21-10 lead in the 2nd and only ended up losing by a single possession
Final 32-40

Chiefs held a 23-10 lead with 9 mins left in the 4th
Final 26-17

vs. Broncos
Chiefs held a 37-9 lead with 11 minutes left
Final 43-16

vs. Jets
Not a contest.
Final 35-9

vs. Panthers
Was a legitimately close game, but the Chiefs held a 26-17 lead early in the 4th
Final 33-31

vs. Raiders
Legitimately close game, 4th Quarter Comeback
Final 35-31

vs. Bucs
Chiefs held a 17-0 lead in the 2nd, entered the 4th up 27-10
Final 27-24

vs. Broncos
Legitimately close game because the Chiefs were held to FGs on 5 of their 6 scoring drives, moved the ball all game
Final 22-16

vs. Dolphins
Chiefs held a 30-10 lead heading into the 4th quarter
Final 33-27

vs. Saints
Chiefs held a 29-14 lead early in the 4th
Final 32-29

vs. Falcons
Legitimately close game due to 2 INTs when the Chiefs were in scoring range, one by Watkins, 4th Quarter Comeback
Final 17-14

vs. Chargers
Backups kept it a game early, tied 14-14 until in the final 2 minutes of the half they allowed a safety and a TD
Final 21-38

vs. Browns
Chiefs held a 19-3 lead at the half and 22-10 lead going into the 4th when Mahomes got hurt and the game tightened up, missed 4 points off of 2 short kicks and were in FG range before a bogus penalty lead to a Henne arm punt
Final 22-17

vs. Bills
Chiefs held a 38-15 lead halfway through the 4th
Final 38-24

We all know this from watching the games, but I figured I'd show it. Rarely were the games truly nerve racking, maybe just uncomfortable at the very end. The Chiefs held a lead at some point in every game, even the backups game. The Chiefs had a double digit lead in all but a few real games, including their only legitimate loss. The Chiefs held at least a two score lead in the 4th quarter in 12 of their 16 wins including playoffs.

The Chiefs are seldom the team that's chasing at the end of games, but they're proven cold blooded killers when they do fall behind, especially as proven last year. Still, only 4 games all 2020 season could Mahomes have gotten a 4th Quarter Comeback, and 3 of those 4 games he did.

The only question is if they're willing and able to put away teams now that the games really matter, and I think they just proved it against Buffalo.

Skip doesn't give a fuck about anything but seeing his name trend in Twitter. That was apparent after his dak comments on mental health

That's why my fav tv talk show is still good morning football. They can just talk football with out acting like dicks.

[Image: chitown4.gif]
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(01-27-2021, 09:03 AM)Chi-town_Chief Wrote:  Skip doesn't give a fuck about anything but seeing his name trend in Twitter. That was apparent after his dak comments on mental health

That's why my fav tv talk show is still good morning football. They can just talk football with out acting like dicks.

What did he say?  It's very easy for me to picture Skip issuing the "hot take" that "actually, it's bad to talk about mental health" or something equally awful.

All throughout this quarantine and this off-season, I started experiencing emotions I’ve never felt before,” Prescott said. “Anxiety for the main one. And then, honestly, a couple of days before my brother passed, I would say I started experiencing depression. And to the point of, I didn’t want to work out anymore. I didn’t know necessarily what I was going through, to say the least, and hadn’t been sleeping at all.”

During "Undisputed" Thursday, Bayless characterized Prescott's depression as a sign of "weakness" due to the fact that he's the quarterback of the Cowboys.

“Because of all that, I don’t have sympathy with him going public that ‘I got depressed. I suffered depression early in COVID to the point that I couldn’t even go work out,'” Bayless said. “Look, he’s the quarterback of America’s Team. You know and I know, this sport that you play, it is dog eat dog. It is no compassion. No quarter given on the football field. If you reveal publicly any little weakness, it can affect your team’s ability to believe in you in the toughest spots and it definitely could encourage others on the other side to come after you.”

It was mildly surprising to me that he got nothing more than forced to issue an apology. I had actually figured a suspension was coming. But he apparently makes the company too much money.

I don't know how he makes Fox Sports any money. I know nobody who listens/watches him.

Anyone believe this for 1 second? I don't.

(01-27-2021, 11:47 AM)DallasChief Wrote:  Anyone believe this for 1 second?  I don't.
I didn't believe it until I saw this "actual" text from Reid....

Reid's text to Cowherd

[Image: 57agPlO.png]
Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

? That doesn't take me to a text to Cowherd.

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