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Chiefs vs. Bills - AFC Championship Game

(01-24-2021, 10:59 PM)tyecopeland Wrote:  I use my phone for the games so it's hard to post during. But I'm surprised to not see any posts here yet.

RUN IT BACK! One more game to fulfill the mission.

This game felt very similar to the Texans game last year. Dropped pass, fumbled punt. But then total domination.

I use my phone as well, so same story.

When the game started the way it did and the Bills could only build a 9 point lead with it, all I could think is "you done fucked up".

Are opposing fans ever going to realize this team has not hit their full potential? This team has not needed to put it all out on the line yet. You can't go by margin of victory to understand how dominant this team is.

(01-24-2021, 11:28 PM)asskickingboots Wrote:  
(01-24-2021, 11:03 PM)NOLA Wrote:  
(01-24-2021, 11:01 PM)Chi-town_Chief Wrote:  It's crazy because i do really think the best 2 teams were in the afc championship.

And the chiefs DOMINATED. I'm beginning to the the narrative that they chiefs were bored during the second half of the season might be true.....

Did anyone else even wonder if the Chiefs were gonna lose?  Cos I rolled into this game assuming they were gonna win, never thought they were in danger in losing, and then was very relaxed the entire time.  This team is unreal.  It's literally a surreal experience to watch them.

My wife was upstairs doing her own thing, she was shocked how quiet I was watching the game. At least until a friend called me in the 4th quarter as we were wrapping things up. I got pretty excited then, but otherwise I was even tempered and presumptive of victory.

Surreal is a very apt description.

Yep.  My wife was like "How are you feeling?" when we went to get some BBQ for supper for the game, and I responded "I'm good, all calm and collected." 

W:  "So you're not nervous or anything like that?"
M:  "Nope."
W:  "Not even any doubts or worry?"
M:  "Nah, the Bills are kind of screwed one way or another.  They could only muster up 10 points (offensively) against Baltimore last week, and only had to worry about Lamar Jackson, that's all."

Even when the Chiefs spotted them 9 points, she asked me if I still felt calm and normal, and I said:

"Honey, the Chiefs spotted the Texans 24 points, spotted the Titans 10, and on top of that, spotted the 49'ers 10 last year, and they won them all.  With Mahomes in there, and this team in general, I will not count them out at all until that clock hits 0:00, because they can flip 14 points in a hell of a hurry."

I had to laugh when the Bills were settling for FG's instead of going for it.  That was their downfall.

Super Bowl!

Guys, I'm starting to think that the Chiefs are very good.

(01-25-2021, 09:04 AM)DallasChief Wrote:  Guys, I'm starting to think that the Chiefs are very good.

Patrick mahomes is 25-1 in his last 26 starts. And 44-9 for his career.

I was pissed when Hardman muffed the punt. My wife told me to calm down, they will be fine. I told her, I know they will be fine, but I don't like it when the defense is playing their asses off and Hardman messes up on Special Teams... AGAIN!

I felt much better when we went down the next drive and scored. My sisters and I text before and during every game and I said before the game that I wanted the Chiefs to crush the Bills because I was tired of hearing about their double digit win margins and how the Chiefs were "barely" winning.

Fortunately the Chiefs dominated the game and left no room for doubt who the best team in the NFL is. I was so impressed with our secondary play, if we play like that against the Bucs, we are going to walk away with another Super Bowl!

What a great time to be a Chiefs fan!

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I watched the AFC Championship game with some Saints fan friends and pointed out to them that watching this Chiefs team is the exact opposite of watching the Saints. It's incredible. Not only are they good, they are good exactly when they need to be, every call (or no-call) seems to go their way, and every bad bounce of unlucky break works for them and against the other team. It's uncanny.

My wife walked in and i told her they were blowing Buffalo out. She said she figured because i was so quiet.

It's so weird to be so calm during an afc championship game.

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Yeah, last year at the end of the AFC Championship I was near tears. This year, "man, this is cool".

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