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Other NFL teams 2021 offseason thread

(03-30-2021, 09:47 AM)asskickingboots Wrote:  I thought I'd add something I didn't realize about Tanoh Kpassagnon. Like I said he started 15 regular season games, played in all 16, and only had one sack. However, I looked up some advanced stats where he had 1 hurry and 3 QB Knockdowns to go with that 1 sack according to PFR.

People bitch about Frank Clark's lack of productivity, and rightly so I might add considering his contract, but he got as much pressure in single games as Kpass did all season, a couple of times and several other games got close. I have a feeling we can see Clark's production go way up if we get a legitimate rusher opposite of him, and maybe adding Reed beside him and CJ already helps.

Ha! I just said something about this in the Chiefs offseason thread.  I think this is Clark's last year in a Chiefs uniform because that contract becomes cheaper to cut than keep after 2021... some will pay him bank in 2022 FA (after this depressed cap year) if we let him go, so I doubt he'd restructure.

17 games is official this season, also chopping off 1 preseason game.

I was going to bitch about having to buy an extra game as a season ticket holder, but this is effectively the same number of games as it was only every other year it's a real game instead of preseason.

Entirely unrelated, I've been messing around with a draft simulator that's new to me and allows you to trade up (or back) at any time and even has teams generate offers to you at your pick. It even uses the next year's picks as trade bait.

For example I just did a draft where I saw TE Kyle Pitts slide out of the top 10, so I traded up to pick 12 with the Eagles for pick 31, 2022's 2nd, and a few mid round picks (3 picks, late 4th to late 5th). According to a draft value chart that trade doesn't happen, but it adds to the fun and fantasy of mock drafts.

I also did one where I repeatedly traded back as much as I could. I ended up with pick 77 (3rd), 98 (3rd), 148 (5th), 162 (5th), 167 (5th), 182 (5th), 183 (5th), 187 (6th) in 2021 and ended up with Minnesota's 2nd, Chicago's 2nd and 3rd, The Jets' 3rd, Colts' 3rd, Saints' 3rd, Lions' 3rd, and Carolina's 4th. That means I would definitely have 10 top 100 picks in 2022.

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