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Chiefs vs. Falcons - Week 16 Penultimate Pre Playoff Practice Game

(12-28-2020, 01:09 AM)Pacecar Wrote:  Well, today was a bad showing! The only positive, my wife was happy even though we were playing like shit, because I wasn't screaming and yelling loud enough for the neighbors 2 streets over to hear or throwing shit around the house. LOL I just kept saying, Patrick is going to pull his head out of his ass and get us the win. That is a great feeling that I have never had with the Chiefs before! I used to always know that we were going to blow it or not be able to come back and win. Great day for an ugly win! 14-1, our best record EVER!!!!!!!

This is how i feel. The whole time i was just sitting there like "Patrick is going to turn it on any second now." 

It's crazy how quickly they can hit the switch and go.

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