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Chiefs vs. Patriots - Week 4 Afternoon Game

Our scout team qb ta'amu tested positive too.

Game has been officially postponed. If no further positives, Tuesday night is likely.

I really hope the game goes on Tuesday night. Cam was the only thing that I was worried about with the Patriots. Without Cam, I don't see the Patriots having a chance against us. As an added benefit, it gives Jones a few more days to recover.

[Image: 57agPlO.png]
Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

Theyd likely need to reschedule our Thursday night game if this happens. 3 games in 9 days would be tough on the team.

Most of what I'm hearing is suggesting Monday for game day.

Official change of schedule:

Monday at 6:05 PM CST

Game will be on CBS.

Isn't the game at 6:05, not 7:05?

(10-05-2020, 01:59 PM)DallasChief Wrote:  Isn't the game at 6:05, not 7:05?

You're correct. What I saw was Eastern,  not Central.

I'm glad they took the extra day on the game to do additional testing and hopefully catch all the cases, but as a fan I would have MUCH rather watched this game drunk yesterday in the afterglow of a Saints win instead of between bites of dinner while I'm trying to finish up my Monday at work tonight.

Travis Kelce is a cyborg from the future sent back in time to avenge the Tony Gonzalez betrayal by erasing him from the record books.

Wasn't necessarily pretty but it once again got the job done.

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