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2020 Draft thread

(04-20-2020, 08:28 PM)tyecopeland Wrote:  On one hand: SPORTS!

on the other hand: A draft day that we might not even make a pick in PLUS a bunch of people talking at the same time! And they wont know to quit talking because they are all in remote locations and cant hear each other!

I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. I'll probably watch it on mute. Maybe at least one of the local sports radio places will do live coverage? Mute the tv and listen to the radio has always served Chiefs fans well as a general strategy.

Lot of draft experts think the Chiefs take a RB with their first pick. I think the only way they take a RB with their first pick is if they trade back.


We took Clyde Edwards-Helaire rb.

Was hoping a lb would make it to us. But the two that could have fallen got picked up and then a couple corners went. At that point i figured we were getting a rb. Seems like a good fit.

Round 1, pick 32 because Super Bowl Champs 'n shit, the Chiefs select:

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU
5'7", 207 lbs.

Everybody just go ahead and get used to typing CEH.

Great in short yardage, around the goal line, returning kicks, and especially catching passes. I haven't done a ton of homework this draft, but 17 TDs last year, 55 receptions as well, 438 career touches with just 1 fumble, a crapload of first downs, etc. This looks like a really great fit at first glance. He doesn't have breakaway speed and is undersized though stout. His quick lateral movement and ability to make guys miss one-on-one is incredible. Could be just the chain-mover we need to add a little extra consistency to our offense.

Here's a recent article from Arrowhead Pride from before we drafted him.

Money quote from that article:
"If the Chiefs are going to take a running back in the first round, make it Clyde Edwards-Helaire"
Rather prescient.

After that they don't recommend taking RBs in the first round because of positional value, a sentiment I generally agree with, but we're talking about the end of the round. Does it suddenly become at good idea the second round 2 starts?

I like the pick. Was hoping Queen would make it, but them damn Ravens. Clyde should fit in perfectly with this offense. 
Now, does KC hold on to Damien, or look to flip him for more picks?

I was thinking we'd take a corner but a big run at corner happened right before we drafted.

Just from the few clips of CEH that I saw, I thought he looked like Kareem Hunt.

CEH is gonna wear...



So... another first round pick out of LSU, then? I, for one, am shocked.

Willie Gay. LB. Position I was hoping for. Never heard of this guy. To be fair I've never heard of most of these guys.

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