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Chiefs vs. Chargers - Final Tuneup Before the Playoffs

One of the most amazing and anticipated statistics for obsessive compulsive Chiefs fans is coming up. This Sunday marks the opportunity for the Chiefs to win another division game to complete a shiny 90% win-rate in the division since 2015. They're already 26-3 against the AFC West in that time.

It's not that the AFC West has been bad during that time either, all 3 other teams have had a 12-4 season in that time span. We're just plain better.

There are plenty of legitimate criticisms to make of Andy Reid, but not being ready for division opponents isn't one of them.

Is this the most amazing defense ever?
Okay, probably not, but let's play homer's advocate for a moment.

In the last 5 games the Chiefs defense has only allowed 48 points, which is 9.6 points per game. In comparison 11 times in the NFL in the same time period a team has allowed 40+ points in a single game. The defense allowed just 4 total TDs in the last 5 games, all the other points were FGs.

All 5 QBs had a QB rating of 83 or worse (91 being league average) and combined for 3 TDs to 8 INTs. Pressure has greatly increased on QBs.

I wish I could give you some more advanced statistics to show that, but I noticed several errors right now on Pro Football Reference they haven't cleaned up (like showing Drew Lock threw 2 TDs against us), so I will admit that it hasn't really manifested in sacks en masse (12 in 5 games), but I know for a fact the pressure numbers are better.

Even the run D is greatly improved. During this stretch the Chiefs have allowed 37 less rushing yards than their season average and would rank as a top 5 run D (92.4 yards per game) if they kept this up.

This isn't the most amazing defense ever and these haven't been the most explosive offenses, but this is one of the most impressive turnarounds I have seen.

This isn't your typical Chargers team
Normally the Chargers do amazing down the stretch after pissing away any realistic shot they have to make the playoffs and complete their season with a soul crushing loss to us to seal it.

Last year was an outlier in that they didn't do as bad early, managed to beat us for the first time since the current gaming console generation in one of the least impressive wins I've seen in a while, and then pissed away their opportunity elsewhere. Don't let Chargers fans call the Chiefs chokers, they don't wait to get on the grand stage to choke.

This year also may have been an outlier, but more likely it's the start of a trend. The Chargers only briefly had a glimmer of hope before they got ran into the ground. Since we last beat them they've only had 1 win.

Rivers has fallen off a cliff. Even with a pretty good running game to support him and a lot of defensive talent, he cannot win games right now. Without picking up a new QB I don't know how the media will justify picking them over us again next year.

They're a better team than their 5-10 record, even with some lop-sided losses they are still +2 on net points on the season, which should figure closer to a .500 record. So it's bad luck, it's injuries, it's ineptitude against quality competition, and it's taking a turn for the worse lately, but they've got more to work with than the typical 5-10 team.

Playoffs?! Playoffs?!
Rather than get all worked up about different scenarios, let me say this.

Other than likely having to play wildcard weekend, this is an extremely balanced team capable of winning any style of game and hence this is the best shot we've had at a SB. They don't have to play perfect or get a specific match up. They can win.

Bring it on.

(12-23-2019, 10:14 PM)asskickingboots Wrote:  Is this the most amazing defense ever?
Okay, probably not, but let's play homer's advocate for a moment.

[Image: source.gif]

Chiefs by 25.

Its Rivers. I have in person seen him three times come back and bite us in the ass. This will be my first game back after my surgery. Im having withdrawals

[Image: HG.gif]

Welcome back hg.

(12-27-2019, 04:26 PM)HG Wrote:  Its Rivers.  I have in person seen him three times come back and bite us in the ass.  This will be my first game back after my surgery.  Im having withdrawals

We've been through this. He doesn't have our number.

Last year was obviously Andy Reid's fault for taking his foot off the gas and trying to coast to a win when we had a bad defense. Outside of that, Rivers hasn't had a comeback drive against KC in over 5 years, or approximately 3.5 children minimum.

The 3 times you've seen him do this were last year, 6 years ago, and 11 years ago. Not exactly a trend. Only Dustin Colquitt was there to see all 3 and Fisher was a rookie for the 2nd most recent.

Over the last 5-1/2 years Rivers has lost all but one game to us and threw 12 TDs to 20 INTs in these games. We have his number, not the other way around.

Bold prediction, HG will say something to the effect of "yeah, but it did happen".

I'm not saying it's impossible for him to win, but it's just completely backwards from the prevailing current of reality. Welcome back, HG. Tongue

Final Injury Report

Mo Claiborne is out, but not injured (excused).

Cam Erving, Andrew Wylie, and Xavier Williams are all Questionable.

Russell Okung is out for the Chargers.

Wylie + inactive = good.

Wis is better than Wylie at this point, even though Wylie is much younger.

Well that was fun. Big Grin

Cost of playing for the bye, Juan thornhill. Torn acl.

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