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Chiefs @ Bears - Sunday Night Football

That was an old fashioned no-nonsense beatdown.

I had an epiphany during this game. Up to now, we've ALWAYS had to play a perfect game against average-to-good competition to win out.

We don't have to do that any more. We can fuck up and still get a conclusive win.

That's... crazy.

I watched this whole game while traveling to Southern California for work. It was awesome, I met another Chiefs fan that wound up sitting near me so they could watch the whole game too. Gotta love unlimited data... It is really nice seeing our team come together at the right time!

[Image: 57agPlO.png]
Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

Personally I loved the crowd. We could have had MaHomes signs and Bears shirts with MaHomes 15 on them. Groovy

[Image: HG.gif]

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