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Chiefs vs. Broncos - Lock'd it Down

I spent way too much time deciding which pun using the word Lock I would use in the title. I'm not proud of it, but I apologize to no one.

The Longest Road
One of the most common things I've heard from Chiefs fans since April, especially fans that root for Mizzou, was a generalized fear that after 87 attempts to find a QB since Fivehead that Horseteeth may have finally found a QB in Drew Lock. It only took from Brock Osweiler to Paxton Lynch to Tevor Siemian to Case Keenum to Joe Flacco to Brandon Allen to finally Drew Lock. This was absolutely comical for a long time. About the only person who didn't get a start was Chad "spraying my AK" Kelly.

I could spend the entirety of my free time this week cataloguing their failures at QB in that time. I'll settle for making fun of Oz.

Brock, who is tall in case you never heard, went from backup to starting to benched to on another team to benched on that team to traded with free shit attached just to save the cap hit to cut from the fucking Browns to back on the Broncos but benched to starting again only to get benched again to out of Denver again and eventually out of the league all in the time span of since 2015. You could make your own Cleveland Browns crossed out name jersey just out of Brock's status with the Broncos. This man killed the last great years of the Broncos defense, but he was not without co-conspirators.

But after just 2 games their fans really like Lock, so that's cool. I'd like him better than garbage being streamed directly into my mouth too.

About That Lock Kid
I believe I said this here, I know I said it elsewhere, but as a Mizzou fan I agree with the sentiment that we do need to worry about Lock, at least long term.

It's not just because he's a Mizzou guy either. I never was worried about the likes of Blaine Gabbert as a pro, he was the Mitch Trubisky type of pro prospect that just checked a lot of boxes. Lock isn't that type of guy. He's got a cannon arm and moxie. That's enough to at least give him a high ceiling as a pro.

Lock gives the Broncos fans hope after beating a Texans team they had no right to beat and looking good in the process, but if there's one thing I love it's seeing the Chiefs crush the hopes of division rivals. I'm glad they have hope. It makes this game mean something and it put our guys on notice that this is not the exact same Broncos team that rolled over 30-6 at their place to Matt Moore. Just mostly the same.

No, the Pats did not outplay us
I did a lot of driving for work yesterday, which means I got to hear a lot of overreactions to all things NFL, but especially the Chiefs.

Over and over I was educated on how the Pats would have won if not for the refs, which is stupid because the N'Keal Harry would be TD and the Kelce fumble that might have been a TD were on the same drive and the Pats still scored 3. At best that's a 4 point swing in a 7 point game and people are acting like it's 14 points stolen. Leave the double accounting to the politicians.

It also ignores several calls that didn't go our way like the very first DPI call that looked very ticky tack to me in real time (haven't seen it since), at least twice they should have called unnecessary roughness on hits on Mahomes, among other things.

Boger and his crew are terrible, this is well documented, it's almost like complaining about the weather. Both teams had to deal with it.

No, our offense doesn't suck
The other common thing I heard was how our offense is just so bad, like, omigosh, how are we supposed to win a SB like this! This might be an even dumber take.

If you want to tell me the offense looks a little out of sync and could play better, that's fine, but most of the people weren't stopping at that. They were jumping to "injuries have permanently ruined Mahomes" and other doom and gloom scenarios about how we could never beat a team like the Ravens with this offense... which we totally already did. We've beaten Lamar Jackson twice, which is more than the AFC North has.

The more reasonable understanding to me is simply that the whole offense has seldom played together this year and haven't really had time to gel, especially not without something ailing the major players. Also with the defense playing better we don't need 430 yards every damn game to have a shot.

We have the 4th best scoring offense in the league and they aren't even playing their A game. Pretty sure teams have won a SB before with figurative shit on offense, I think we can back off the ledge.

We only put up 23 points, damn near arena ball numbers if you ask Herm Edwards, but you can't forget this is the number one scoring defense we just did this against. I know they aren't as good as their stats indicate, I made that case myself, but that doesn't mean that defense sucks!

Locked it Down
The Chiefs put "The West is Not Enough" on most of their division gear. I don't think the season is a failure if we don't make the SB, but it would be a disappointment. At some point you've got to take the next step.

The Chiefs could end up with anywhere from the 1 to 4 seed. A bye would be immense, but I think the 3 seed is the bare minimum needed to have a solid shot at a SB run.

No matter what we get a home game, but being the 3 means we would likely get to face New England again and I think they're the weakest of the 4 likely division winners. We just took their best shot, including multiple gadget plays, a blocked punt, and fuck all else. They don't have another gear to go to anymore.

We could really use this win and just plain win out through February.

Is it just me or does Lock look like Jay Cutler. Like a 15 year old's head on a grown man's body.

(12-10-2019, 08:58 AM)DallasChief Wrote:  Is it just me or does Lock look like Jay Cutler.  Like a 15 year old's head on a grown man's body.

He looked like a 12 year old in college, so he's growing up before our eyes.

Anyway, here's an Arrowhead Pride "Let's Argue" article that deals with most of the same topics I just covered.

Why isn't it just "Lock it Down"? We haven't played the game yet.

Mods, lock this thread.

I just got to the part where you mention Herm Edwards. Please don't ever mention Herm Edwards.

(12-10-2019, 12:51 PM)DallasChief Wrote:  Mods, lock this thread.

Aren't you all mods?

I feel like the only non mod.

Chi-town_Chief will never be a mod because NOLA hates him.

(12-10-2019, 01:00 PM)NOLA Wrote:  I just got to the part where you mention Herm Edwards.  Please don't ever mention Herm Edwards.

I only do so to mock him, but if that's outside of accepted discourse I'm sure I can think of a billion other dumb quotes about football.

(12-10-2019, 12:37 PM)NOLA Wrote:  Why isn't it just "Lock it Down"?  We haven't played the game yet.

Was referencing the division race, not Drew Lock specifically... which is probably an odd choice considering I only did it because of Drew Lock. I out-kicked my coverage on that one.

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