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Black Friday 2019

Thought I'd create a general thread early for Black Friday so we can hear any plans you may have or good deals you'd like to brag about share with us.

The main things I'm on the lookout for are:
A smart TV for my sister (not a gift, she just needs a new one)
Pretty much any Milwaukee tools, but particularly lighting and batteries
A radio for my workshop
A starter AR or a quality pistol on sale, either solely for target shooting... not really expecting you guys to know much about that.

The only things I've seen so far in my limited searching is TVs, looking at a 65" 4K TCL for $450 or a 49" Samsung QLED for $600. I'm not sure how much my sis wants to spend, but I'm using those deals as kind of a baseline for everything else I see.

I just have never really been into the black Friday shopping. Did a little bit when I lived in springfield. Now we might go to walmart kohls and staples around noon after the rush to see what's there.

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