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Chiefs vs. Broncos Christmas Night Game Thread

Primetime, playoff implications, Arrowhead, Chiefs taking on the Broncos. The only thing you can add to my wishlist is a Chiefs' win!

BTW, any of you locals or people that happen to be in town for Christmas, I have one extra ticket. Apparently all of my friends have family stuff, like Christmas is important or something. Biggest downside is you'd have to sit next to me for a few hours.

My two tickets are going to HG today. He doesn't know it yet, at least I don't think he does. I have to work Christmas Eve and Day both. Maybe we can see Broncos fighting each other on sidelines.

We lost 19-17 vs the Bucs in Arrowhead.

Played the Donks the following weekend and won.

We lost 19-17 to the Titans in Arrowhead.

And we play the Donks the following weekend.

I know it now

[Image: HG.gif]

Its funny how busy this place was the last couple weeks.  No nuthin.  Buncha zombies.  lol.  I feel ya

[Image: HG.gif]

My extra ticket is now spoken for. Bringing one of my brother in laws.

(12-21-2016, 11:52 AM)HG Wrote:  Its funny how busy this place was the last couple weeks.  No nuthin.  Buncha zombies.  lol.  I feel ya

It's a holiday week. Things are busy.

I know I have been busy with work and holiday stuff.... I am still mad about the "icing the kicker" fail... I think I will be mad about that for a long time.

I look forward to a great game!

[Image: 57agPlO.png]
Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

This is should be a good game!  Smile Everyone was expecting the Chiefs to lay an egg against Denver after our semi-average performance against Tampa bay the week before. Now everyone expects Denver to lay an egg. I don't see that happening, this is a divisional game they will score, but they will not win. My guess is 24-21 Chiefs Big Grin

Houston not expected to play

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