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Chiefs 2015 UDFA signings.....

Devante Bausby, CB, Pittsburg State
Kenny Cook, WR, Gardner-Webb
Justin Cox, DB, Mississippi State
Alex Deleon, FB, Florida Atlantic
Andrew East, LS, Vanderbilt
Manasseh Garner, TE/FB, Pittsburgh
Sage Harold, DL, James Madison
Keshawn Hill, RB, Sam Houston
David Irving, DT, Iowa State
Dan Light, TE, Fordham
Donatella Luckett, WR, Harding
Travis Manning, CB, NW Missouri
Justin March, OLB, Akron
Ernest Pettway, TE, Villanova
Cody Sokol, QB, Louisiana Tech
Charles Sweeton, OL, Tennessee-Martin
Westlee Tonga, TE, Utah
Charles Tuaau, DT, Texas A&M-Commerce
Alan Turner, S, Arkansas
Bo Wallace, QB, Ole Miss

Hmmm. Two QB's?

ChiefsChick23, post: 176364, member: 17 Wrote:Hmmm. Two QB's?
Mini-camp arms.

Hmm. Light on the key area of need (OL not WR)

[Image: chiefs-wins-sig_zpsc1apbtaz.jpg]

I think they took care of that before and during the draft

[Image: HG.gif]

Greatnessinc, post: 176371, member: 20 Wrote:Hmm. Light on the key area of need (OL not WR)
No. Dan Light is a TE.


Alright, now that I'm at home and at a real computer instead of my phone, here's the info I've heard about some of these guys.

WR Kenny Cook has drawn some Marques Colston comparisons. He's not quite as big, but he has freakishly long arms. He went to a small school and faced terrible competition, but he probably has just as good of a chance to make this roster as any of these guys.

[Image: 1380438.jpg]


RB Keshawn Hill looks ridiculously ripped, possibly even too muscular. He benched 225 lbs 30 times while weighing around 210 lbs. He runs about a 4.6 forty and has better athleticism than pure speed. He has kind of a Maurice Jones-Drew build with tree trunk legs around 5'10", only with a more substantial upper body. Context was missing in this conversation, but I think his nickname is, and I'm not joking, Musclebus! I tried and could not type that without an exclamation point. A roster spot should be his to lose for that fact alone. I haven't seen any of his play though, so it's very possible he is purely a workout warrior.

[Image: ShawnJohnsonAndrewEastGreatSportsLegends...2wXUWl.jpg]

LS Andrew East is dating Shawn Johnson. Getting the beautiful lady here alone may be worth giving him the long snapper job, but I've actually seen a couple people get excited about him as a long snapper. I wouldn't have a clue personally. He has the athleticism to actually be a factor on coverage too.

QB Bo Wallace sucked. He actually had a decent start to his college career but seemed to stagnate and regress. He has NFL arm strength though.

Haven't really seen much on everyone else. I've seen others get excited about specific guys, but that's what I thought was worth sharing.

If he's 5'10" she must be tiny. Maybe they're talking about her when they say he plays long snapper?

[Image: chiefs-wins-sig_zpsc1apbtaz.jpg]

Greatnessinc, post: 176400, member: 20 Wrote:If he's 5'10" she must be tiny. Maybe they're talking about her when they say he plays long snapper?
Most gymnasts aren't even 5 ft tall.
#10 had an article, I am trying to find the link,  but my computer sucks! Alas, google saved the day!

We had the #2 best UDFA signing!  I am impressed with our off season thus far.  We have done well in the free agent market and I liked our draft.  Adding talent from UDFA has been an added bonus.

[Image: 57agPlO.png]
Pure blind luck... it's been protecting children from fire for centuries!

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