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My first experience with SKC.

Yeah, I'd say this highly-trafficked wing of the board is about as good a place as any to post this.:biggrin:

I've been a fan of the NFL for a long time. Not as long as HG and Milkman, but sweet God; those two probably watched Moses throw on a helmet before descending down the mountain with a couple of tablets tucked under his arm. But I digress...

No, I started with Mean Joe Green, Tony Dorsett, Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach. I lived in Oklahoma at the time and wasn't aware that KC even had a football team. (They were THAT GOOD, EVEN THEN!) There was however one goofy Italian family that liked the Dolphins, but we won't talk about them. Their mother was prone to yell at tornadoes for reasons I can't begin to explain.
Then not long after came Sweetness and the Bears. WP made me want to play because he was such as badass. This was back in the days when premium RB's made their bones by busting the shit out of D-lines and knocking linebackers on their asses. Safeties and Corners( especially corners )we're just a blurry afterthought on the way to the end zone for guys like Walter.
Football practices, even at the JR High level, were brutal in those days. My boss's son started playing LB at his HS this year, and they did a whole 2 DAYS of two-a-days! Disneyland. But enough of my old man bitching.

The point is: it was a different time and a different game. Mentally, physically, economically, spiritually, whatever.

Though we didn't win anything major and in-fact got crushed by coaching dipshittery on our part, and John Elway on theirs, I feel fortunate to have been a Chiefs fan during the last great heyday of defensive-oriented football when a defense was actually allowed to play like one. When Harrison threatened retirement a few years back for being "too aggressive" in the eyes of the league I, like most others, thought he was just being an overreacting spoiled brat. Now, I say put a funny French hat on his ass and call him Nostradamus.
Fantasy football, pink-tittie month, and the economics of the ratings-driven NFL have turned this game in to something that could( as has )make an old, grizzled fucker like Mike Ditka cry.

As to the Chiefs, there's really no need to rehash. They invented so much yet have refused to change with the times and philosophies/requirements of the modern league and in my eyes, are stuck in a cycle whereby they are always about 10 years behind. It would be nice to see them get their shit together but in the interim, I call KC my hometown and I'm fed-up with them being my "sports representative", so to speak. The Royals seem to be doing well and have been steadily progressing over the last few years, but I'm not much of a baseball guy unless I'm actually at the park. Watching that same, tired TV angle from mound to catcher is about as exciting to me as watching flies fuck, even if Bo Jackson is doing the fucking. That game doesn't translate to television the way it does live. Plus, there's a certain serenity a live ballpark possesses that a television just can't give you.

To the point at hand:

I, like most red-blooded American males, have never given much thought to Soccer other than to ridicule it as some Euro-Pansy, pint-swilling distraction, right about on-par with tennis, that only a Frenchman could love or succeed at. When I think of soccer, I generally envision third-world nationals throwing Molotov-cocktails at each other in the stands, or a couple Swedes eating Ludafisk in a bar, too afraid to tell the rowdy Scotsmen down at the other end to shut the fuck up while they cheer on the first goal by whichever of the 50 teams they've managed to cram between Wales and Edinburgh.
So to say I had contempt prior to investigation is somewhat of an understatement.

What I didn't count on, was that the culture of game could be given the Kansas City osmosis-treatment.

Time for bed. Pt. II tomorrow.

[Image: SKCSIG_zps76ce2521.jpg]

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