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Why does this forum exist?

The last post is a thread wondering why there were no awards in 2009... it is almost 2014.

Nostalgia. We used to have yearly awards back at the Huddle. I think most everyone expected that to continue, although the reality of it is most of us don't really care for the accolades.

It doesn't really serve a purpose anymore, but I imagine it could easily be combined with The Pancho Villa subforum (History).

Works for me. Confusedhrug:

You ever walk into someones home and see pictures of old family members or childhood friends? Yeah , It's kinda like that

[Image: HG.gif]

An Admin (NOLA, DC, or Penguin) would have to be the one to move it. I'd much rather move it than destroy this info.

I nominate myself.

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[Image: HG.gif]

RaisedOnRiots, post: 162528, member: 1194 Wrote:I nominate myself.

Then it's settled. RoR wins douchiest poster Smile

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Chi-town_Chief, post: 162545, member: 346 Wrote:Then it's settled. RoR wins douchiest poster Smile

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