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"Much improved" Raiders go for their first win of the year

[size="5"]"Much improved" Raiders go for their first win of the year[/size]
Posted by Mike Florio on September 19, 2009 1:51 PM ET

Though some would say there are no such things are moral victories, those who would say that haven't been paying much attention to the Oakland Raiders over the past six years.

Once the proudest organization in the NFL, the Raiders have disintegrated throughout the bulk of the current decade, Super Bowl appearance notwithstanding.

As of little more than a week ago, it appeared that the collapse would continue, with defensive lineman Richard Seymour apparently not inclined to respect the trade that sent him to Oakland from New England.

But then, on the same day he filed a grievance challenging the team's attempt to strong-arm him into showing up, Seymour decided to embrace the next phase of his career.

The end result is that, after Monday night's near upset of the Chargers, there's rampant talk in league circles that the Raiders are "much improved."

The positive developments are most obvious on the defensive line, where Seymour has been joined by Greg Ellis. Coupled with a cornerback in Nnamdi Asomugha who cuts the field in half and a previously underachieving free safety in Michael Huff who seems to finally be getting his act together, the Raiders are widely believed to be on the right track.

The next big step, of course, will be to hold a lead late in the game. They get another chance this weekend, when they go to Kansas City.


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