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LOOK HERE FOR ALL CHIEFS ONLINE! Includes link for TV coverage maps!

Check here to see what's being broadcast for you locally: NFL Broadcast Maps (updated on Wednesdays for the NFL):

CHIEFS RADIO NETWORK  (Mitch Holthus & Kendall Gammon):
101 the Fox:
Flagship station of the Chiefs Radio Network.  Note - you can't stream on a mobile device.  This will only work on a desktop.

Entire list of CFN Channels can be found here:

Or you could pony up for NFL Game Pass on  I think you can get the radio live, but video is available of the game (plus other goodies) about 45 minutes after the game ends.


Streams can be found just before game time here:

There are usually multiple choices to be found.

CAREFUL! You do not have to install anything and it will try to get you to download all sorts of malware. Also ad-heavy. Try an ad blocker extension to keep the noise down.


KC Chiefs Games


Chiefs Training Camp at Missouri Western State University, in St. Joe: MWSU - Chiefs Page HOME

I'm going to lock this thread, but if you have any additional helpful links, streams, etc. to share with everyone, please send to me in PM and I'll update this thread.

Other Sources of Chiefs info

Twitter accounts of interest 

On gameday, search for the hashtags #chiefs, #chiefskingdom and look for the game-specific tag (#KCvsxxx or #xxxvsKC)

Chiefs team, news and fandom:

Official KC Chiefs: @kc_chiefs1
Josh Looney: @JoshLooney
Chiefs PR feed: @chiefspr
Mitch Holthus: @mitchholthus
Chiefs Cheerleaders: @chiefscheer
KC Wolf: @kcwolf1

Bob Gretz @bobgretzcom
Petro: @theprogramkc
KC Chiefs Blog (Red Zone): @kcchiefsblog
KC Sports Radio: @KC_SportsRadio
Chiefs Info: @ChiefsInfo
Training Camp: Chiefs in St. Joe: @ChiefsinStJo
Sports Radio 810: @SportsRadio810
Chiefs Buzz Tap: @chiefsbuzztap
Arrowhead Pride: @ArrowheadPride
Home of the Chiefs: @HomeOfTheChiefs
Chiefs Fans of Dallas: @cfod

Current Players:

I can't keep up with the Twitter feeds of all the players any more, there are far too many.  I suggest you search for "Chiefs" on Twitter, as most will come up - ChiefsChick23

Joe DelaneyAngryjoedelaney37

General NFL:
NFL: @nfl
Roger Goodell: @nflcommish

Updated 12/08/15 - ChiefsChick23

Updated for 2012, including streaming links. Remember, DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING. Full of malware!

Here's a GREAT resource for streaming the games:

Sports Stream TV

I used it for the last few games, and it works better than First Row Sports. No lie!

[Image: BjYgdYO.png]

For those of you that have Xboxes (Xboxen?) I think they're having free streaming of all the playoff games, including the Superbowl, on their NFL on Xbox app.

If you have Verion, you can stream all games that are shown locally on the NFL app.

Did you know you can't stream the game on KCFX from a mobile device? Only on a laptop.

(09-24-2019, 03:32 PM)DallasChief Wrote:  Did you know you can't stream the game on KCFX from a mobile device?  Only on a laptop.

I did. Luckily, I don't have that problem any more.


Well, fortunately I have SiriusXM but it’s still bullshit.

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