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HOF Info

Here's the HOF information brought over from the Huddle.

Welcome to the Huddle Hall Of Fame

Posted by: Taga Mar 23 2007, 01:49 PM
The admin/moderator team is pleased to announce the formation of the Chiefshuddle Hall of Fame! The idea is to honor those members who have had a long-standing and substantial impact of the growth and productivity of this site. We would like to thank Warthog and our other VIPs for proposing this idea.

In order to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, you must have been a member here for at least two years, and have at least 500 posts on, the old Warpath board, or some combination thereof. Any member meeting these criteria is eligible, but another member must nominate you. Any member may nominate any other member, but inductees will be chosen from the pool of nominated members by a selection committee chaired by Taga that will include NOLA Chiefs Fan, BigRedChiefsMachine50, and two VIP members (including at least one lifetime VIP) to be chosen by the staff annually. Each member may nominate only one other member a year. Selection committee members may not nominate anyone; the "guest" committee members chosen annually may not nominate anyone for the year they serve on the committee. Committee members are not eligible to be elected in the year in which they serve on the committee.

3-5 members will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame annually. Nominations will begin the weekend following the NFL draft, and end approximately two weeks before the Hall of Fame game. Selections will be announced on the Saturday of Hall of Fame weekend. Like the Pro-football Hall of Fame, not everyone can get in the first time they are nominated, but that does not mean they won't be enshrined at some point, so please feel free to nominate members in consecutive years. Nominations must include a detailed write-up of the member's specific contributions to the well-being of the site, much like the Pro Hall of Fame presentations given to their selection committee. Do a better job than Gretz.

Please remember that this honor is very difficult to achieve, but it is intended to be fun. As such, please keep all comments and questions positive as pertaining to both the process and the enshrinees.

The admin/moderator team have selected ten "inaugural" members to be enshrined immediately. These will be announced next week. After that, we will have a brief period of downtime until the draft, and then, as stated above, fire up the nomination process. So start thinking now about who would like to see enshrined this summer and working on those presentations. Second time: do a better job than Gretz.

We appreciate all that all of our members do for the site. We hope you enjoy the Hall!

Chiefshuddle mgmt.

Chiefshuddle Hall of Fame

Posted by: DallasChief




NOLA Chiefs Fan





DT 3:16








Chiefs ?
originally known as Chiefz_rulez over on the old CBS forums, this longtime KC Chiefs fan was the lone Mod on the old Warpath forum & was largely responsible for keeping it running smooth & steady. He also was the first true post whore on there, often posting in excess of over 150 posts a day. When in February 2004, the decision was made that the Warpath forum would close down in the near future Chiefz agreed to create the Huddle to take it's place. For the next six months, Chiefz single-handedly built every aspect of the Huddle from scratch, spending countless long hours learning how to set up the database, skin the site colors & testing each individual function. He has been the sole owner of the Huddle since it opened on July 29th, 2004 & maintained it ever since. Over the years he has created & added many additional features to the site & spent many long hours making it the best run & maintained KC Chiefs site on the Web. His hard work & endless determination are what have inspired those who have the privilege of knowing him & working for him. It is only fitting that he be one of the Charter Members of the Huddle Hall of Fame.

by Taga

Raider Hater ?
RH is a life-long Chiefs fan, who back in 2000 had a dream to create a website devoted to his favorite team. After finding a company that gave him the space to build a site, RH sat down without any prior experience and began working on what became Warpath. In August of 2000 Warpath fist appeared online, and while it took some time, it slowly began to attract visitors. In 2001, after a change in domain, Warpath began to truly blossom. As the amount of traffic grew, a forum was added which gave many Chiefs fans a place to congregate and freely exchange their opinions on the team. Eventually that forum spilt off from Warpath and became ChiefsHuddle. It can easily be said that if it were not for Raider Hater, the Huddle would have never come about. Thus his inclusion in the Charter class of the Huddle Hall of Fame should be no surprise.

by Taga

Taga ?
Taga is one of the longest-tenured members of the old Warpath forum, joining in 2003 and is one of the pilot members of Chiefshuddle. Known for his encyclopedic knowledge of football and it's lengthy history, Taga works to couch contemporary trends in the game in a proper historical context, constantly striving to help members and visitors alike to develop a deeper and more well-rounded understanding of pro football. An avid Green Bay Packers fan, Taga was the first member of the Warpath/Chiefshuddle community to establish that the site would forever be a place for not just Kansas City Chiefs fans to congregate, but for fans of all teams to come and discuss the game in a wholly positive way. It is directly through Taga's recruiting efforts that we today enjoy such a diverse and peaceable community of fans from throughout the league.

Taga was the first moderator added to the team upon the new forum's inception, and has subsequently become part of the administration team, the highest staff level one can achieve on the site. Without Taga's tireless efforts, Chiefshuddle could not enjoy the litany of news nor the depth of historical knowledge that all visitors to this site have been privileged to enjoy.

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

NOLA Chiefs Fan ?
NOLA, or "Your Friendly Neighborhood Super Mod", as he's affectionately known, has been a key member of this online community since its earliest days at the Warpath boards. Perhaps it was his love of the Chiefs and subjects of various levels of nerdity and pop culture ? or perhaps it was because he was bored at work ? but when the Warpath Awards were instituted, he was one of the first to have an award named after him (to hijack a thread was known as "doing a NOLA"). His posts have always been very knowledgeable, full of humor, and rarely derogatory. NOLA is the kind of guy you definitely want to hang out with, online, or in person ? but you certainly wouldn't give him the keys to your liquor cabinet. NOLA Chiefs Fan is an icon on the Huddle, and no Huddle Hall of Fame should exist without him.

by ChiefsChick23

ChiefsChick23 ?
ChiefsChick23 joined the old Chiefs Warpath board in 2003, and made her presence known almost immediately with a sharp wit and a keen insight into both the Kansas City Chiefs, and the sport of football in general. She is one of the early regular posters to the "Lounge" forum, becoming one of the first frequent visitors to the site to discuss movies, literature, and television. With her diverse interests, she helped to establish the board as not just a place to discuss football, but also to discuss life in general with other fans of our beloved city and team. When the new Chiefshuddle forum was officially created, CC23 became one of the pilot members, helping to test the new site in her typically creative and entertaining ways. A few months after the establishment of the new forum, she was asked to join the moderator team, cementing her legendary status, and guaranteeing that she, the self-proclaimed "Sultana of Smartassery," would always be an indispensable member of the Chiefshuddle community.

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

T-RICH49 -
Nobody in the history of the Warpath or Chiefshuddle has been as passionate about the Chiefs, Jayhawks or Royals as T-RICH49. That's not an overstatement. The eternal optimist with all things not related to Carl Peterson, if the Huddle Award for Most Enthusiastic Poster hasn't been renamed for T-RICH, it should be. T-RICH has entertained the board for years with his demands of Carl Peterson to sign any and every free agent available. One can't help but admire T-RICH's belief every August that the Chiefs have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl and every April the Royals can make a run for the playoffs.

by DallasChief

SuPeRmAn ?
SuPeRmAn literally grew up before our online eyes. The once ultra-inquisitive young boy, who grabbed the mantra of "No question is a stupid question" and ran with it, is now almost a man. SuPeR followed in the footsteps of other Hall of Famers when it came to post whoring and then took it to another level. One of the nicest young men you will ever meet, SuPeRmAn is a Chiefshuddle Hall of Famer through and through.

by DallasChief

RaidahLuvah ?
one of the earliest members of Warpath & a close personal friend of RH's, RL represented the KC Chiefs' archrival Raiders with a passion. It was RL who brought about the creation of the Lounge forum with his insistence on talking about basketball & other non-football related topics on Warpath when it was strictly made up of the Chiefs Forum. By demanding that Warpath be more than just a place for football convo & by representing his team RL earned a spot as a Hall of Famer.

by Taga

DT 3:16 ?
DT was one of the early regular contributors to both the Warpath and the Huddle, and is our resident "aloha and mahalo" member, always ready to let us know what the take from far-flung Hawaii is. A great mix of eternal optimist and keen observer, DT has the ability to rationally make every season seem as though it is going to be The Season, and that getting up at 7:00AM to grab a cold one and watch a game is a totally normal thing to do. A great member and a good friend, DT easily deserves to be among the inaugural members in the Huddle Hall of Fame.

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

JaydaHolmes31 ?
Jayda, one of the first Super Mods of, was a big part of the early success of the Huddle. Known for his arguments with Chiefs over college basketball, Jayda is a big KU fan. While he can dish out the smack talk, he can take it as well, something that can't be said of a lot of people. A supporter of KU football when some of us didn't realize that the Jayhawks still had a football program. It was the good- natured back and forth banter by members like Jayda that made the Warpath successful and is subsequently making the Huddle successful as well. There is no doubt that any talk of a Chiefshuddle Hall of Fame would have been incomplete without the inclusion of JaydaHolmes31.

by DallasChief

Jimme - 2007 inductee Jimme embodies all that is great about the Huddle membership. He has been an active and important contributor since August of 2004 when he joined our community from far away Denmark to lend support to the Great Dane, Morten Andersen. Jimme has a great love for the Chiefs as his adopted team from a far-away locale; he has always gone out of his way to bring news to Chiefshuddle posters, not just visit to take it from us; and some might mistake this for his jump on the timezone, but the more studious Huddle member knows it derives from his sincere drive to further the Chiefs Fan community's knowledge and ensure that we always have the most up-to-the-date news he can find, from wherever it may come. He supports American football in a place where most likely think him crazy, and he always does so in the most upstanding and classy of fashions. We are proud to have him among our membership.

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

DallasChief - DallasChief is a man who needs no introduction, but in welcoming him to the Chiefshuddle Hall of Fame, we might as well embarrass him anyway. DC made his splash back in the final days of the old Warpath board, inciting a riot from anyone who would listen to his rantings about the evils of both Denver and the Broncos (and other topics left out of HOF discussions). DC was welcomed during the earliest days of into the staff as one of our most visible and crucial moderators, and has since grown into his role as not only a moderator, but also Junior Administrator and one of the key members to keep the board up and running. DallasChief has the distinct and somewhat dubious honor of having met more Huddle members than anyone else, and has gone out of his way more than once to host a previously-unmet Huddle member at a game, his favorite bar, or even his home. He is also known to have drank at least one other staff member deep into the ground. Truly, if ever there were someone deserving of enshrinement into the Chiefshuddle Hall of Fame, it is our own loud-and-proud DallasChief.

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

Ryno - Ryno, or Ryan Jones, carved himself a unique and proud niche in the Chiefshuddle community long ago. One of the first moderators of, he earned the misleading nickname "the Forgotten Mod" from other staff members for his propensity to frequent the site, but post only behind the scenes. At the early stages, he was one of the most creative and energized architects, but one who chose to stay completely behind the scenes. All of that changed, however, with the dawn of both the Herm Edwards-Era and the blossoming of a new technology, the Podcast, which he quickly captured and made's own. Week after week during the regular season, Ryno goes out of his way to bring us a sportscast worthy of ESPN that focuses solely on our beloved Kansas City Chiefs, never faltering in his loyalty, insightfulness, or complete inability to be fiscally compensated. All is driven by his love of our team, and he does it with a class and dedication unparalleled by any other board or staff member. And he does it all under his real name, out of his real pocket, and out of his real time. Truly, Ryno is an innovator and invaluable asset to

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

Kojak - Don't f**k with him.

by NOLA Chiefs Fan

HailGunther ? HG is someone everyone knows and has been on occasion called "the huddle's punching bag", a lifelong Chiefs fan (he can actually remember the Chiefs winning Super Bowl IV) HG has added greatly to the site with his wit, good nature, willingness to take a joke or two (or 20), and his frequent insights into all manners of life. Whatever name he's sporting at the moment be it HaplessGomer, QueensChiefEunuch, HailGilligan, HuddlesDancingMonkey or just the plain old HailGunther HG is always there to help the other members of the huddle and has shown great willingness to assist in doing whatever it takes to keep the site both afloat and a place where all can feel welcome. Beyond his social good graces HG is also a football fan at heart and often relates to the younger newer fans stories of the past be it the glory days or the darker times as a way of showing that one must never lose faith in their team. For all these reasons HG is a deserving member of the Hall of Fame.

by Taga

Warthog ? One of the Huddle's most active members, Warthog has long been known as the resident funny man. His dry sense of humor coupled with his ability to break news on the forums make him one of the most valuable members to date. Warthog is an avid Chiefs fan, showing his true dedication to the red and gold as a season ticket holder.

Warthog is truly invested in the Chiefshuddle website. His efforts in maintaining the History of the Huddle thread are unparalleled. Not to be outdone by his civic duties on the site, Warthog can always be counted on to provide quality "posts" in the VIP protected section of the Huddle, and his avatars are the stuff of legend. In 2007 Warthog came up with the idea to start the Hall of Fame, and it's only fitting that he be enshrined as one of it's earliest members.

by BrooklynChiefsFan

 _Last list of eligible members before last years induction

Those members who are eligible to be nominated for the Chiefshuddle Hall of Fame are listed below.

Taga (20000 post minimum)
octoberlady (10000 post minimum)
Coach C
Dominic23 (5000 post minimum)
NOLA Chiefs Fan
ttriplet (3000 post minimum)
Az_Chiefsfan (2500 post minimum)
Mvppriest VI
Pissonoakland (2000 post minimum)
aldavis666 (1500 post minimum)
MTG #10
jimme (1000 post minimum)
Raider Hater
Tommie Croatia
D.T. 3:16
Special K
Gr3at Ch1ef
CHIEFSruleTHEraiders (500 post minimum)


Those were good times. I miss that bunch

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