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Question for Chiefs fans, Herman Edwards?
Hello guys.  It's been awhile, good seeing you all again. I'm hearing Arizona State is interested in hiring him, that's the reason I ask I'm personally a UCLA fan.  That aside, from what I remember, Vermeil left the team in ruins, defense was horrible besides Jared Allen, and the offense was built on aging talent like Trent Green/Eddie Kennison/Tony Gonzalez/Willie Roaf/Will Shields/Larry Johnson that quickly started declining or outright retired right when Herm got in.  My question is:

1.  What did you think of him as a coach?

2.  How well was he finding young talent for the rebuild?  

3.  Was he a victim of circumstance?

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Question for Chiefs fans, Herman Edwards? - by Mr.Smartass2U - 11-29-2017, 10:50 PM

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