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RIP Yellowfin - ChiefsRule - 05-19-2022

Hey all - 

Troy aka Yellowfin passed away suddenly early Tuesday morning from a heart attack. He had a great last night spending time with family and looking at wedding photos as he recently got married to his long time girlfriend. 

I met Troy on the Huddle Board, we instantly hit it off and he became my friend, briefly my roommate, Chiefs Game watch party buddy and eventually my best friend. First game we watched together was Trent Green getting a lobotomy and the last game we watched together was the Chiefs Super Bowl victory. Troy, being the guy he was, hosted a Super Bowl party and flew in KC BBQ. When the clock hit 0:00 we hugged, cried, played "We are the Champions" at maximum volume (Troy was a home theater enthusiast so his speakers went boom) while drunkenly singing along with Freddy Mercury but completely out of tune and sprayed champagne all over his front yard. I'm sure the 49ers and Chargers fans there were not pleased. But we didn't care, it was our moment and it's a moment that will be with me for the rest of my life. I'm so glad he got to experience our sports fandom equivalent of scaling Everest before he left us.

Troy was a selfless and generous person. He gave much more than he ever took. He loved his son, his grandson, his wife, jet skis, his Tesla (he would want me to tell you all that even though he had a Tesla he was not a "far-left wing lib"), Bud Light, deep sea fishing, trips to the casino on a whim, body boarding, and of course our KC Chiefs. 

I know that Yellow or I haven't posted much here in the past few years but I'm sure a lot of you old timers remember him. He'll be missed.

RE: RIP Yellowfin - tyecopeland - 05-19-2022

I think I'm by far the newest current posting member and I can remember seeing some of his posts.

It's sad that this board seems to be dying off a member at a time.

RE: RIP Yellowfin - asskickingboots - 05-20-2022

Wow, I missed Yellowfin. Thanks for letting us know, CR. Sorry you lost your friend.

That's one of the things about this site, a number of the people who do or did frequent became really good friends outside of the site. It really was a special place. It's a shame to see how much of the community has disappeared.

RE: RIP Yellowfin - mabbott - 05-20-2022

100 times this! I appreciate the fact that I was able to meet some of you in real life!

RE: RIP Yellowfin - NOLA - 05-20-2022

That's really sad to hear. I can always remember yellowfin being good for a laugh or to ask me how I was doing (and how actual City of New Orleans was going), and he was very concerned about making sure I landed on my feet after Katrina, as I recall. I'm really glad you guys got to enjoy that Super Bowl together.

RE: RIP Yellowfin - chiefsfaninky - 05-23-2022

Wow...so sad to hear this ChiefsRule.. Me and my wife met Finny and his late girlfriend Lisa in KC in 2006. Ate at Gate's BBQ, the one down the road from SportNutz, on Saturday nite, then they tailgated with us Sunday...He was a hoot. Glad to have met him. May he rest in peace.

RE: RIP Yellowfin - Chi-town_Chief - 05-24-2022

Oh man. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I remember him as well. Very sad to hear this.