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vs. Steelers, Week 16 - asskickingboots - 12-21-2021

After a hard fought battle against what we now know for certain is our closest division foe, the seas have parted for the Chiefs and now they control their own destiny with only 3 games left. Even if the Chiefs lost a game, I'm not sure any of the other front runners would win their remaining games.

Everyone is flawed, but at least with the Chiefs all of the teams they lost to could be playoff teams and there's been marked improvement in the team since. Although, technically even a team like the Ravens would be on the outside looking in if the playoffs started today.

It really was amazing watching throughout the weekend as everything came up Millhouse. Patriots lose. Titans lose. Ravens lose.

Now the Chiefs face the Steelers. Another deeply flawed yet dangerous team. The Steelers are actively fighting for their slim playoff hopes. They average giving up 367.5 vs. 317.5 yards on offense. Sounds like they're fortunate to have the record they do.

RE: vs. Steelers, Week 16 - mabbott - 12-21-2021

Unfortunately, it seems like the Chiefs biggest adversary in this game is COVID. I hope we get at least some of the players now on the COVID list.

RE: vs. Steelers, Week 16 - tyecopeland - 12-26-2021

No kelce, buttkicker or Tommy Townsend.

Unsure at this point about niang and bolton.

RE: vs. Steelers, Week 16 - tyecopeland - 12-26-2021

Blowout victory over a very not good steelers team. It's a testament to Tomlin that they have as many wins as they do.

RE: vs. Steelers, Week 16 - mabbott - 12-27-2021

That Steelers team isn't even recognizable. I bet Juju Smith-Schuster is happy he didn't sign with the Chiefs!