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XFL - Razorchief - 02-08-2020

Anyone going to watch?

RE: XFL - NOLA - 02-08-2020


RE: XFL - tyecopeland - 02-08-2020

I will at some point. I watched some of whatever the other league was too.

RE: XFL - asskickingboots - 02-08-2020

I've been watching kinda sorta off and on. I haven't even really decided what team(s) to root for, but I'm leaning Battlehawks just because I actually could physically go to a game if I could talk anyone into it.

RE: XFL - ChiefsChick23 - 02-10-2020

I got busy. But I'll try to catch the next game.

Rooting for the Battlehawks. KA-KAW!

I'm working on a trip to the 'Lou soon so I might catch a game in person.

RE: XFL - warthog - 02-10-2020


Jonathan Hayes is the head coach, that’s good enough for me.

RE: XFL - tyecopeland - 02-10-2020

Is Marquette king on the battlehawks?

RE: XFL - asskickingboots - 02-10-2020

(02-10-2020, 08:29 PM)tyecopeland Wrote:  Is Marquette king on the battlehawks?

Yeah. As much as the XFL has tried to discourage punting altogether, he still had a heck of a game, including a literally perfect punt that died at the 1... until a Battlehawks special teamer screwed it up because he thought the opponent touched it.

I can almost guarantee you King will be back in the NFL next season.